Havoc and chaos reign in the penultimate Season 3 episode of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Sabrina Spellman and Vlad the Impaler

In a continuation from the previous episode, Lilith finds a way to make sure Satan doesn't kill her for her part in overthrowing him in Season 2. Meanwhile, Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, and Mambo Marie must deal with the aftermath of what happened to Zelda at the end of the last episode. SPOILER AHEAD: The assailant, Mary Wardwell, shot Zelda at point blank range after being informed by the Lucifer-possessed Faustus Blackwood of the fact that all of the Spellmans are witches. As a rigid Christian, Mary Wardwell is unable to cope with this turn of events and had to do something, as she feared the Spellmans had a hand in the death of her love, Adam.

Lucifer Morningstar is back in Hell and must allow for Caliban and Sabrina's quest for the Unholy Regalia as the contest must be seen to the end. Caliban and Sabrina are each tied at one item each, with Caliban having submitted King Herod's Crown (S3E3 "Heavy is the Crown") and Sabrina Pontius Pilate's Bowl (S3E5 "The Devil Within"). The final competition will be for Judas's 30 Pieces of Silver. S3E7, "The Judas Kiss" is full of situations and people at stake. There is a great deal of emotion and action coming from all of the actors' performances as well, to the point where you feel it in your belly that havoc is truly upon them. You're going to immediately want to continue to the final episode of the season, "Sabrina Is Legend" to see what happens next.

Hilda and Zelda Spellman at the Academy of Unseen Arts

"The Judas Kiss" is an important episode as it is the penultimate one in the season. Writer Lindsay Calhoon Bring hones her years of writing experience to build up the story for an ultimate cliffhanger. Bring has written one episode for each season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to date, each of which was very powerful and impactful in the series overall. Craig William Macneill is the director and he has directed one episode of CAOS in the past, S1E9 "The Returned Man." Macneill is the kind of director who finds his niche and sticks with it. One look at his filmography proves it as he has directed horror/drama/fantasy films and television episodes. It isn't as though "The Judas Kiss" is riddled with blood and guts, but it certainly is fantastical and scary enough for the series' world.

Sabrina Spellman at Dorian's Gray Room

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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