Hawkeye S1E3 TV REVIEW: Bro! An epic chase highlights Hawkeye & Kate's crazy ride of an episode

Maya Lopez aka Echo

Did WWE superstar Matt Riddle get his “Bro” schtick from Matt Fraction’s Tracksuit Mafia? Maybe or maybe not, but I’m trying not to say “Bro” all the time. It’s bad enough how often I say “Dude.” Especially after diving into Matt Fraction & David Aja’s Hawkeye comic again to prepare for the Disney+ series.

In this week's episode, which was too short of a runtime in my opinion, the story continues with Clint and Kate being held captive by Maya Lopez and her Tracksuit Mafia goons. Who is Maya, some of you who’ve never read the comics may ask? Maya is a deaf Native American with a prosthetic leg whose rise to her current position is very touchingly portrayed at the beginning of the episode. In the comics she is Echo, first introduced in the Daredevil comic series in 1999. Her story here in the tv Hawkeye series is bound to be overly significant, and one that will develop into another project for the streaming service later on.

Clint Barton as Ronin in "Avengers: Endgame"

The big issue for the Tracksuit Mafia is finding Ronin. As they are lead to believe it is Kate after she wore the suit, the Mafia is relentless in their pursuit on Ronin's whereabouts. In Avengers: Endgame, we only witnessed a sliver of Ronin’s actions, and now his past has returned to haunt him. It’s unfortunate for him that all this is happening at a time when he’s just trying to reconnect with his family after so many years apart. I wish the show would go into his past more. It certainly has the time to do it as the current episodes had run roughly within the 40-45 minute mark. Were the producers not given enough of a budget? Judging by the amazing action sequence, I want to say they definitely were with $150 million, but what they decided to spend that money on seems to have had a negative effect elsewhere. This is very apparent during a moment midway through the action sequence.

Kate Bishop hangs out of a car in a fight against the Tracksuit Mafia

Nevertheless, this is a great episode! My hesitation to watch this or delay it with a couple episodes from Season 3 of The Simpsons was unwarranted. I even liked Kate Bishop more as she began to feel as well as look more confident alongside Hawkeye. The duo also have some really nice moments between them as student and mentor. There are some excellent surprises and great seeds planted for future developments in the series. We are already halfway through all six episodes. Can you believe it? And how are we going to get all we expect in three more brief episodes? This makes me feel like the first two episodes were too much of a slow burn, but we’ll see how things go next with after yet another cliffhanger. I genuinely yelled out loud when that crept up, and the time was up. I’ll be sure to watch Episode 4 as soon as I can, and you should too. Be sure to catch up if you haven’t already.

Hawkeye is a 6 -part series that can be streamed now on Disney+ with new episodes airing every Wednesday at 3AM EST.


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