Hawkeye S1E4 TV REVIEW: the INSANE cliffhanger will leave your jaw on the floor!

A bruised and battered Hawkeye

After a very interesting cliffhanger in Episode 3, this week’s episode follows it up with an equally interesting conversation. Although it may seem pretty grating to the passing viewer, a true fan will pick up on what is being casually said, or requested, only to realize what is very likely going on behind the scenes of what we’ve seen so far. Kate and Clint are using all of their resources to find a way out of this Track Suit Mafia ordeal. Unfortunately, it seems like the leads they get aren’t pointing them towards a solid resolution. With the days dwindling down until Christmas, Clint is being pulled by his two worlds, the weight of which bears harshly upon him.

Kate in a serious conversation with her mentor

I’m all for learning more about Clint. The deep dive into his past is long overdue, but the aspect many fans are hoping for is his Budapest mission where he met Natasha Romanoff. Here we are at Episode 4 with only two more to go and it just doesn’t seem like we’ll get this. Would this have been included if Hawkeye was a movie as was originally intended? Perhaps, as a form of fan service. In my opinion, sometimes fan service is good and necessary, but not in a Star Wars "Reylo" kind of way. That’s what happens when it goes wrong. What we are getting is a greater understanding of the lifelong physical disability Clint must reckon with. Perhaps his run-ins with Maya will shine more light on how this change may not necessarily be for the worst.

Pizza Dog is in the Christmas spirit

At one point earlier this year I was having great difficulty with my vision, that still affects me somewhat. I was afraid I’d be permanently visually impaired, and wondered if there’d be any positive outcome to living a life without sight, having to rely on the help of others for the rest of my life. Watching Clint struggle with the phone call with his son brought me right back there. That was difficult to get through, but kudos to Disney for presenting Clint's physical/emotional struggle in such a poignant manner. In the comics, Hawkeye has had a history of losing his hearing as well, so this isn’t brand new territory for the character. This is why I recommend over and over again to read Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye comic series; it will lead you to one of, if not the most iconic issue for Clint. You will not regret it.

Kazi, Maya's right hand henchman

Hawkeye is clearly a snippet of something much larger. Fingers crossed it is a Season 2 with an 8 episode arc. All jokes aside, what's the plan here for Kevin Feige when it comes to inserting Hawkeye into the MCU? I'll lean into an answer to this question come the finale, as with so many unanswered questions, it is hard to figure out how exactly this story will end or pivot into something else. Is Kate’s future step-father friend or foe? Is her mother? Will there ever be a funeral service for that old guy who died in the premiere? Are we actually going to see Kingpin? Who does the watch belong to? Is Kate going to keep Pizza Dog or will Clint take him home? And do you know what was in Brad Pitt's box? Very important questions. Episode 4 is full of awesome surprises and more trick arrows. You’ll definitely want to pay attention to a comics accurate character as well. This is one cliffhanger you won’t want to miss.

Hawkeye is a 6 -part series that can be streamed now on Disney+ with new episodes airing every Wednesday at 3AM EST.


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