"He Speaks" in thrilling, bone-chilling "Swamp Thing" S1 E3

Swamp Thing stands over Munson's remains.

Swamp Thing is back for another thrilling and bone-chilling episode. "He Speaks" starts off with Alec Holland, played by Andy Bean, talking with Munson, whom we just watched Swamp Thing tear into several pieces, in what appears to be some sort of spiritual dream place as both men are dead in the real world. You can see that Swamp Thing has remorse for taking Munson's life, even though he was a terrible man who was trying to kill Susie. Derek Mears, who plays Swamp Thing, does an exceptional job of bringing this character to life, bringing humanity to him with emotion and heart.

Meanwhile, Abby Arcane is still struggling with Alec's death, especially after Susie tells her the man covered in plants and vines said his name is Alec Holland. Reeling from the revelation, she gets a message from the hospital informing her that a new CDC team from Atlanta had just arrived. Heading directly there, she talks with Dr. Eli Troost who tells her that Atlanta wants a "fresh start" with this disease. She also learns that Avery Sunderland has sent in bio-geneticist Dr. Woodrue to re-examine the body of Eddie Coyle. Abby meets Dr. Woodrue as he is cutting into the body. Here we really get to see that Dr. Woodrue doesn't necessarily care much for people, his interest is in science and plants, and this strange "disease" absolutely intrigues him. He definitely gives off that "mad scientist" vibe.

In this episode, we learn quite a bit more about Avery Sunderland, played brilliantly by Will Patton. We already know that Avery hired the Woodrue doctors to make a plant accelerant to increase plant life and growth, and in doing so would drain the swamp creating more land for development, along with more money in his pockets. Now we learn that Avery is actually under extreme financial pressure, that banker Gordon Haas of Marais Saving & Loans is giving him limited time to repay the bank, as the bank is getting wise to their secret dealings. Avery Sunderland seems more and more to be the main antagonist of this season. He is evil, heartless, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As it turns out, the real reason Avery stuck by his wife Maria's side all those years wasn't really out of love, but his own personal benefit.

After her co-worker and friend Harlan contracts the "plant plague," Abby finally gets into Alec's old lab. She is searching through papers and looking for answers when she is attacked by The Rot, a force which is strongly associated with death and the decay of living things, who has reassembled Munson's body using bugs and insects. The practical effects on The Rot are spectacular. He is scary and creepy, and you can see Abby is completely and utterly frightened. Thankfully, Swamp Thing makes an awesome superhero entrance to stop The Rot and save Abby. After saving the day, Swamp Thing and Abby talk, and she gets confirmation that this is indeed Alec. Swamp Thing also gives her a little insight into the "plant plague."

Munson's body possessed by The Rot

After taking care of business back at the hospital, Abby heads to the local watering hole and is greeted by her friend Matt Cable of the Sheriff's department, who has already admitted to having feelings for Abby back in high school. After having a drink together, Matt finally works up the courage to ask her for a dance, and as they dance, Swamp thing watches from afar. Could this lead to a possible love triangle in future episodes?

One thing I have not yet touched on is the possibility of Blue Devil making it into this season. It's looking more and more likely after a very interesting meeting between Madame Xanadu and Daniel Cassidy, played by Ian Ziering. As this season continues and this world grows, the excitement and mystery only increase. It's a brilliant show, exactly what you would hope for in a Swamp Thing series.

You can catch the next episode of Swamp Thing titled "Darkness on the Edge of Town" next Friday, June 22, 2019, on the DC Universe streaming service.

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