Hermes finally gets a backstory to begin 2nd vol. of beautiful Deep Beyond #7 ADVANCE REVIEW

Writers: Miaka Andolfo and David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

It’s 1952, and Hermes is a boy who is dealing with advanced mathematics. Growing up he gets a great education and becomes one of the best scientific minds of his generation. In 1971, he joins a company who are looking at interdimensional relations between our world and the one we are connected to. In 1992, he and three others are charged with a mission to be frozen in time for 99 years, after which they are to wake up and look at the state of the world, which has been decaying. The plan is to infiltrate this new world at its weakest point and set up our future. However as we readers know, this other world wasn’t destroyed and it’s stronger than ever. Now Hermes is with the brightest minds of their generation and wondering what to do.

We are now into the second volume of this series. This being the first issue of the second part, so we get a backstory to Hermes. Who he is and why he was in the underground water station. This is very interesting, and it was necessary to give us more detail on the underwater station, how long it’s been there, what the purpose was, etc. Now although we don’t get all the answers, it was helpful to find out a little more. We then get to see him searching for clues as to what’s happened to this works, after he and his team were told to expect it to be in ruins. Something clearly went wrong. As he’s looking for clues, the others are discussing what things they are seeing in this strange world.

When it comes to the writing of this issue, it’s without a doubt a standout of the series so far. We get some great retorts between characters which spices scenes perfectly between tense situations. Masterfully told in a way that characters in these separate situations talk about the same thing, continuing on from each other as they delve into what makes this alien society thrive. What secrets are they hiding? Both come to the revelation that it’s this world's history that is being hidden. We have no idea how hiding their history has helped this civilisation, but without a doubt things will be changing for the group, and they have a difficult road ahead of them.

I have been very critical in past reviews of this series about the art. It was something that bothered me. The series is called Deep Beyond, and it started with a lot of underwater scenes. This is where I thought the art was at its strongest. As the series went on, we had less and less of it, which was a little disappointing. Now at the beginning of the second arc it seems like underwater will only be referenced, and it’s now more about skyscrapers (as seen in the first picture above). Andrea Broccardo’s art has definitely developed and found more of a footing as we progress. Now despite the lack of underwater scenes, I’m in awe of how beautiful the scenery is. He is now really flexing his artistic muscle by showing off everything, including jungle scenes., producing one of the best looking issues in the series so far.

All of this combined makes this the best issue so far. I’m excited to see it go forward from here. To anyone who might have dropped out towards the end of the first part, this will be a wake up call to show that this series still has a lot to say. I am so pleased that I stuck with it, and I would recommend it to anyone for the intriguing way that the second part has now been set up.

Deep Beyond issue 7 will be released from Image Comics on 11th August from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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