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Holy Bat-Chucks! Converse has a seriously cool line of 80th Anniversary Batman sneakers

"Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Batman with a collection of sneakers that features the original artwork of the DC Superhero through the ages."

Converse's new line of Batman sneakers features not just one or two designs, but SIX, with several designs available in low top and high top styles. All designs are silkscreen printed onto the shoe's canvas.

This design features the Batman logo from the 1970s.

A Joker-centric design featuring cover art from Batman #251

Unfortunately, Converse didn't make the effort to come up with a cool name for each design (it wouldn't have been that hard to do). Each shoe design is redundantly listed as "Converse x Batman Chuck 70" or "Converse x Batman Chuck Taylor All-Star," so instead you order by specifying low top or high top, and by the color scheme.

A 1940s Bat-Signal design.

All designs feature a Batman "license plate" on the left heel.

A design featuring art from DC's 1960s "Go-Go Checks" era.

Some designs come with two shoelace options: plain white and black with a repeating Bat-logo.

One design claims to have a Bat logo on the tongue that glows in the dark, but customer comments say that really isn't so.

Prices: $40 for toddlers, $45 for Little Kids, and $60-$100 for Adults.

You can order shoes online at Converse:

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