Home Sick Pilots #13 & 14 COMICS ADVANCE REVIEW: horror and action ramps up as series nears its end

Written by: Dan Watters, Art by: Casper Wijngaard, Letters by: Aditya Bidikar.

We last saw Rip and Buzz looking for the last ghost, who was abused by James (in the old James house). Ami was fighting Meg in an epic battle that went across country and for days. Ami stalling for time, knowing she’s not powerful enough to take on the Nuclear Bastard. Meanwhile, Buzz and Rip discover just how powerful and vengeful this last ghost is. With Ami running out of time can they convince the ghost to help or will she have her own motives for going?

So we have come to the penultimate issue of this "Power Rangers meets The Shining" series. Issue 12 ended on quite the cliffhanger, with Buzz and Rip finding out about the ghost while Ami continues to be beaten by Meg. These 2 latest issues are rather slow, yet never feel boring. They do keep up the suspense, but I get the feeling that writer Dan Watters is biding his time for the finale. Issue 13 has us finding out more about her, where issue 14 has Buzz and Rip trying to convince her to join the fight. All done with the backdrop of Ami desperate to keep the fight going. Watters masterfully keeps up the tension and gives us the background knowledge we need, without making these issues a drag or feeling like filler, just for a big set-up in the final issue. He even manages to end this on such a note that there’s still so much conflict left to resolve that I can’t help but wonder, is one final issue even enough?

We knew all along that the James ghost was a monster, but we didn’t know how much, and it’s in these two issues that he goes from being a guiding figure to being quite scary. This is just another reminder that the series is not just an action series but also part horror. I became so used to the ghosts being misunderstood that I had completely forgotten that they are actually rather frightening. James after all was the one who killed the Nuclear Bastards (the band), we also don’t know how many more people he’s killed over the years. This leads us into a very interesting finale, where even though Ami has helped and worked with the house, what are the consequences? Could there even be anything you could do to a house full of ghosts?

The art by Casper Wijngaard has been consistent throughout the series, and although we don’t get any of the landscapes that I’ve enjoyed, we do get some amazing close-ups of the house and James. This just accentuates what I’ve spoken about. James was a monster all along, but the close- ups in this issue really make it more prominent. As I’ve said in previous reviews, the layout and the colours also give the '90s retro look that I’m really enjoying. Last, I will say without spoiling it, that the book ends on a fantastic panel that is beautifully drawn and means a lot going into the final issue.

Overall, another consistent addition to the series, I’m both excited and nervous for the finale, although I have confidence in the team that they can close this chapter and the series off well.

Home Sick Pilots issue 13 was released on March 16 and issue 14 will be released on 20th April from Image Comics, at your local comic book shop, or comixology


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