Home Sick Pilots #15 REVIEW: Moral and ethical questions are left in this exquisite finale.

Written by: Dan Watters, Art by: Casper Wijngaard, Letters by: Aditya Bidikar.

ISSUE SUMMARY: Rip and Buzz are able to get the final ghost to the old James house. Where it becomes so powerful that it eats the nuclear bastard. With the battle done it makes its way home. Meanwhile, Meg, Ami, Buzz, and Rip are trapped inside the house with all the ghosts as a big family, which is exactly what James wanted. Months have now gone by, and the gang are finally ready to make their move to destroy the house, but do they have enough power to take him down? And what will the consequences be for the rest of the world?

What a series this has been! I once described it as Power Rangers meets The Shining, and it definitely delivered on that. We had some incredibly emotional moments throughout, showcasing the writing talent. We also saw some of the best landscapes with incredible colours that felt just slightly off, and yet still beautiful. It culminates in this last issue, which didn’t pull its punches and delivered a fantastic moral conundrum. Although I may personally disagree with their actions, it opens up a wider discussion from the audience, which is something I haven’t seen a comic do since Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Before I get to that, I do want to talk about a writing choice that I thought was slightly flawed in this issue. Meg has been trapped alone for months while Buzz, Rip, and Ami build a bomb that could destroy the house. When they finally talk to Meg about it, they say that its trigger is built from the remnants of the Nuclear Bastard, which only can be controlled by Meg. They tell her that they have been discussing it for a while as it was a hard decision to come to...then informing her that she needs to make her choice now as things are in motion. So it’s a little unfair on Meg that they put so much pressure on her. It’s also a very reckless thing to do, as they had no idea how she feels and they already set things in motion, meaning James now knows about it. This also begs the question: why did they build it so only Meg can operate it, and also how did they do it if it only responds to her? These were a few of the questions that I had while reading, which did just take me out of the story briefly.

This leads on to the biggest decision that they all had to make. This bomb is made up of all the ghosts that fueled the Nuclear Bastard. If they detonate it, it will kill the house, but release all the ghosts unto the world. Meaning many could be harmed or killed, but it does get rid of the most dangerous, being James. Or they are stuck in there with him until he gets restless and wants to go on a rampage again. I have my disagreements about how they dealt with it, but it doesn’t matter, as the best part to the ending is giving the audience the ability to decide how they feel and then have conversations about it. This is what a strong writer can do. Causing people to debate these ethical things is what makes this medium so good.

The art in the series has been exquisite, I’ve been witness to some truly great landscapes (which I’m sure if you follow my reviews you know I love). This final issue doesn’t have any landscapes, but does have a stunning panel of Meg deliberating (shown above). The silent panel just says how much this choice means to her. It’s drawn beautifully and the colours just add extra tension and emotion to the already tense situation.

This has been a wild ride of a series with both ups and downs. but I also appreciate when a team can deliver on an ending and make it worthwhile. The ethical discussions that can be made from this just add to its excellence, as such I rate this issue 4 POPs out of 5, and I highly recommend this series to anyone.

Home Sick Pilots #15 was released by Image Comics on 22nd June from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man. This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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