I Hate This Place #5 ADVANCE REVIEW: Creepy, scary, mesmerising, and action-packed

Written by: Kyle Starks, Art by: Artyom Topilin, Colours by: Lee Loughridge, Letters by: Pat Brosseau.


Frank emerges from the ground determined to get back to the ladies and make them pay for what happened. Meanwhile Trudy, who is still angry that she made the wrong choices, and Gabrielle make their way back towards the house, they think. With darkness fast approaching and now Frank back, armed with knowledge that could solve the situation, can they work together or is Frank only out for himself?

We are back with the ladies in the weirdest and scariest wooded area in the world. Trudy is still angry as she feels she’s failed herself and her wife. As I said previously, Trudy is the best character and I identify with her struggles so much here. I too like to think I plan for every occasion, have every contingency thought of so I’m never caught off guard. My grandfather used to say “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. It’s one of those things that no matter what, you’re always going to be your own biggest critic. So Trudy being frustrated that she put both their lives in danger when she’s the one who’s planned for everything. I do this too, and I’m sure everyone does. This moment just makes her so much more believable as a character (not that she wasn’t already). Writer Kyle Starks is taking the time to flesh out the characters even in these extreme situations, and that’s what good writers do. As a reader, we can’t connect with characters who don’t have depth, so to continue to do this when the characters' world around them is crumbling is the sign of a talented writer.


What I will say is that the last 3 pages for me were rather confusing. There’s what seems like 2 different time jumps and I don’t fully get when they are set in regards to the main story. Although, what’s depicted in the pages make for an interesting story going forward. The other thing that’s concerning is these pages escalate the plot a lot. For me I don’t want this to be rushed, as I feel there’s still so much we haven’t seen from the woods. All the terrible things that we have been teased. Like the sky opening up (was that aliens?). What does the horned man want? Also who is Bodie (the ghost of the house)? We haven’t seen him do anything either. So as there’s still much to explore, I don’t want them to rush to an ending.

The artwork by Artyom Topilin is great in this issue. I especially loved the first picture I featured above, the one of the Horned Man. It’s just so creepy that it’s mesmerising. It makes him even more mysterious. I also loved the way the panels were played with, as you can see in the panel featured above with Trudy moving and breaking out of the panel. This just makes the moment more dynamic and entertaining. I still think the proportions of the characters are slightly off, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it seems more like a style choice as everyone is drawn that way.


Overall, another good issue from the team. I’m concerned by the ending that we could be moving too quickly, but I have trust in the team that it won’t be so. It definitely seems like we have some interesting times ahead, and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Although not an astonishing issue this was a definitively solid 3 POPs out of 5 that keeps the study flowing and maintains the engagement of the audience.


I Hate This Place issue 5 will be released by Image Comics on 28th September from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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