IDW's "Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1" is a Big Flerken Deal

Writer: Sam Maggs, Art: Sweeney Boo, Colors: Brittany Peer, Design & Letters: Christa Miesner, Cover: Sweeney Boo, RI Cover: Brianna Garcia.

This premiere issue opens with Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel and her bestie for life Jessica Drew, a.k.a Spider-Woman, having a Shudder channel movie night in their East Village apartment. Her cat Chewie is there, too! Jess, who has clearly grown up in a hugger household à la Full House, is stoked to have Carol at home, finally spending quality time together after weeks of being away saving the universe. Carol is a lone wolf, a maverick who does incredibly brave things, but her ego is writing checks her body can't cash. 

The ladies' evening is interrupted by a news report about hoards of cats walking the city streets and going into bodegas. Well, they're not going to see if Jerry Seinfeld's famous bounced clown check is on display. Carol immediately tears into her Captain Marvel ensemble in stunning fashion. Giving Jess a reassuring speech that she'll be just fine handling the matter on her own, Captain Marvel runs out the door to get a handle on this Big Flerken Deal.

The rest of the comic is jam-packed with adventure and mystery. We follow Captain Marvel as she's trying to piece together what is happening despite her own disbelief. Each panel does a great job of showing you what is happening rather than just telling. Sweeney Boo and Brittany Peer are a rocket duo. I can’t get over the amazing coloring throughout the comic, and Boo’s art is so easy on the eyes. There’s no straining to see what’s going on. Each panel is neat, well lined, expressive... I can honestly look at this comic all day. Which is what I’ve been doing as I’ve had to write this review in-between other tasks. 

Every character looks good, but Captain Marvel steals the pages, as she should! If you are new to Captain Marvel comic-wise and only know her from the MCU, you need to leave that version of the character behind when getting into this series. If anything, I would reckon this series has similarities to Marvel's Captain Marvel 9 book series written by Kelly Thompson that debuted in January of this year. Technically, they have the same introductory story and Spider-Woman is in that series as well. Carol's sense of humor is practically identical to IDW's Carol, but I take this as an ultimate necessity for Carol Danvers's personality continuity. Unfortunately, we have to wait a month for the next issue, but it’s certainly going to be a wait well worth it. I would recommend reading Thompson's series during this lull if you haven't gotten your hands on it already. In the meantime, I’ve got to get Boo’s cover blown up poster sized and framed. Dang, I’m a Captain Marvel fan now. 

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is published by IDW and is on sale August 21, 2019. 

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