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Inferno Girl Red 2 COMIC REVIEW: A beautiful color palette with some confusing writing choices

Artist/Co-creator: Erica D’urso, Writer/Co-creator: Mat Groom, Colourist: Igor Monti, Letterer: Becca Carey.

Cassia is still struggling with the fact that she’s now a superhero. Her mum is excited for her that she has this opportunity, although they both know she needs to work on balancing her college life with being the hero that Apex City needs. To maintain her secret identity she needs to be careful, she’s still new to this. However, with the city being in unfamiliar territory (literally transported to a different world) and dangers around every corner, she will need to find out who is responsible for this without having any training. Is she up for the job and can she fill the shoes of the previous Inferno Girl?

After a first issue that struggled a little in regards to the writing, I was hoping that this issue would clear things up as there’s only 3 books in the first series. Unfortunately, there’s still some problems I have with the writing. Starting with Cassia, she’s not as unlikable in this issue as she was in the last, but there’s still some problems I have with her character. After talking with her roommate who is finding positives where she can, she explains that her toxic positivity isn’t a good trait. Now she does apologise after, but her apology seems to be for her acting out rather than what she said. I completely disagree that people can be so positive that they are toxic. In a world full of problems where here they are literally in a different world. It seems crazy to me that someone trying to find things to be grateful for, or being a more uplifting person can be called toxic. I get that misery loves company, but why try and pull people down who clearly have a different way of looking at life.


Cassia’s mindset also concerns me a little. Her roommate introduced herself in the last issue and then here explains how she streams her positive outlook. Her reaction is “you’re that Harriet”. Her reaction suggests she knows her, so I really hope that the streaming Harriet does is podcast form, as I want to give Cassia as much credit as possible. If not then how did she not recognise someone she knew streams as her roommate. She also explains to her mum that she needs to keep a low profile. However, when she changes into Inferno Girl Red she emits a large amount of light, so much so that she lights up the dorm building. So for someone who is the only hope for the city, she seems to not be making the right decisions and not showing her intellect. Both are problems with the writing, but the second is also an issue for the art.

The art is mostly as it was in the first issue, very good, very colourful, and I really like that aspect of the book. It’s also great to see a superhero enjoying what they do when they are flying around. The colours are the best part to the book. It’s so vivid that it’s hard to put down.


I do however have some problems with the art. There seems to have been a costume change from the last issue. The shoulder pads are smaller here. I do like consistency, so for a book series as short as this it throws me that things like that would change.


Overall, it’s still a little confusing in regards to decisions made by Mat Groom. Even to small things like characters saying IG rather than Inferno Girl. Although the art is good and the colours are incredible. Although slightly better than the first issue it’s still a 3 POPs out of 5 for me. I look forward to seeing how the team finish this arc off.


Inferno girl red issue 2 was released by Image Comics on 22nd February from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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