INTERVIEW: Creating the "Horror Comics" universe with Bradley Golden

Updated: Apr 13

One of the perks of getting to do comic book reviews, is getting to read some of the great indie series that are being created. I first had the pleasure of reading some of Bradley Golden work in a series titles Cold Blooded. Bradley Golden has brought a fresh and unique style in his new noir-horror universe.

Cold Blooded will be printed in Horror Comics; be sure to check it out on 5/29/19 from Antarctic Press. I had the opportunity of getting to ask Mr. Golden some questions about his career and some of his new series. Hope you all Enjoy!

Horror Comics #1 Antarctic Press

CH: When did you start to getting interested in comic books? What was the first book that you picked up?

BG: I actually got into comics back when I was 10 years old. My brother worked for the local grocery store and realized I didn't have many friends due to my severe speech impediment. The first comic he brought me back then was X-Men and Superman. As I grew older I got into more stuff like Prime and Ultra Force from Malibu Comics.

CH: When did you first decide that you wanted to create your own comics?

BG: I first decided I wanted to do comics when I got a price guide (Wizard Magazine back then). They did a story on CrossGen Comics. I was intrigued by how the creators would live on campus and bounce stories off each other. And I loved how they would show the behind-the-scenes artwork and writing process.

CH: Who are some of your biggest influences in your career, and how that changed your work?

BG: Most of my influences come from Garth Ennis (Preacher) , Chuck Dixon

(Nightwing) and Kurt Busiek (Astro City). They changed the way I saw storytelling. Garth Ennis especially, with his gritty style and gory action scenes. Kurt Busiek with his down to earth, and realistic characters. Awesome storytelling and legendary characterization. Chuck Dixon great use of angles and plotting techniques.

CH: Is there a certain place or situation that gets you into the creative mindset?

BG: I usually cut off all the lights in my office and bump Eminem on loop for three hours a night. I change songs depending on the situation I'm in in the story. Like writing the ice-cream man comic I put Eminem song "Kim" on loop to get that demented mindframe.

CH: When you’re writing a comic, what kind of experience do you want the reader to have?

BG: When I'm writing a comic, especially horror, I want the readers to feel what the characters feel. A sense of dread or a hopelessness. With Horror Comics from Antarctic Press I want the reader to feel what the killer is feeling. In Leave On The Light, I want the reader to feel what the two main characters are feeling and see what they are going through.

Bradley Golden

CH: What element of your work gives you the most personal satisfaction?

BG: What gives me satisfaction is knowing that people who are reading them, are truly enjoying the tales I have laid out and can't wait for the next issue. And also seeing my name on a comic in comic stores right next to the big three (Image, DC, and Marvel).

CH: Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming book Horror Comics from Antarctic Press that comes out May 29th?

BG: Sure, it's about a down-on-his-luck ice cream man who has had enough in his life and wants to get even. Now, his version of getting even is a bit more twisted and disturbing than most. I feel deep down everyone wants to do these things to someone who has wronged them, ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, ex-wife, or douchebag boss, etc. It's a really great read. Also, Horror Comics and Leave On The Light are intertwined, and in the same universe. I can't say more, but just keep an eye out and get ready for demented goodness.

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