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Is this the END of Sabrina Morningstar!? Find out in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4 E7

Alt-Aunties Zelda and Hilda

Here it is, the penultimate episode to the entire Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. There is a bittersweet feeling in knowing this, as you prepare to watch this seventh episode of season four, or Chapter Thirty-Five, as named in the episode titles. "The Endless" picks up where "Deus Ex Machina" ended, with Sabrina Morningstar entering into the duplicate Cosmos through a mirror portal. Much to our nostalgic surprise, we see Aunt Hilda and Zelda from the beloved 1996 television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick reprise their roles as the comedic and stern aunties of young Sabrina, without skipping a beat. Right away, you hope to see more blasts from the past. You certainly do see one, and this character plays a major in this episode.

Agatha and Prudence as Baxter High cheerleaders

The whole point of Sabrina Morningstar entering this Eldritch Terror of the Cosmic is to put an end to the chaos she and Sabrina Spellman caused by co-existing between the Mortal and Infernal Realms. Not knowing where exactly to begin, coupled by the realization that she truly doesn't know what she is facing, Morningstar is forced to go with the flow of things in order to get a peek behind the veil. Many horrors and surprise twists take place in "The Endless." Unfortunately, you reach the end before you know it, and it is quite the cliffhanger. How exactly the events of "The Endless" will affect the true Greendale is uncertain, but you won't be able to wait to find out.

Sabrina Spellman in happier times

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has had its changes and challenges over the years. The series isn't perfect, but the witchcraft and story still have a magical pull. It has been about a year since the premiere episode in the world of CAOS. Though it seems like much more time has passed than that, Sabrina is still sixteen going on seventeen. With two dueling parts of her life splitting into two Sabrinas, the young witch was able to live what she thought was a perfect life. In this year of great changes, she has realized who she is, what makes a true family, and what she wants most in the world. These life lessons have come at a price, with her own life or the lives of those around her in constant jeopardy. As frustratingly reckless as Sabrina has been, she always proves how powerful she is, thanks to an endless supply of tenacity coupled with a bounty of fearlessness. I will miss Sabrina, the Spellmans, the Fright Club, and even the baddies once the end is here. Here's hoping their story can one day continue on another platform, *cough* HBO Max *cough*.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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