It's a POP Retro Cover Of The Week BONUS July Fourth edition!

To celebrate Independence Day, here is a selection of patriotic covers to enjoy, displayed chronologically, from the Golden Age to today! (NOTE: cover dates/months indicated when the seller should remove the issue from circulation and return unsold issues to the publisher. The actual publication date was 3-4 months before the cover date.)

It doesn't get any more patriotic than Cap punching Hitler in the mouth in Cap's 1941 debut.

Other than Captain America, no one has appeared on more patriotic covers than the first superhero, Superman.

Captain Marvel often appeared in battle alongside the Allies against the Axis during WWII.

A classic Jim Steranko cover from 1968.

Even Supergirl got patriotic, showing off her new costume in front of an American flag on the moon in 1982.

The 2002 Captain America Marvel Knights series had especially patriotic covers.

David Finch recreated the Iwo Jima flag raising on this 2013 cover.

A variant cover image from Adam Hughes.

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