It's all about accepting yourself in the She-Hulk-centric "Avengers #20"

Writing & Art by Jason Aaron & Ed McGuinness, Inking by Mark Morales & McGuinness, Colors by Jason Keith, Letters by VC’s Cory Petit

This She-Hulk-centric issue begins with a WTH courtroom scene populated by many iterations of our favorite Jolly Jade Giantess, with the most recent, bulkier, more Hulk-like, Celestial-juiced-up version on trial. It’s all part of Wakandan techno-therapy to help Jen control her meaner greener side.

This "War Of The Realms" tie-in features Jen traveling from battle to battle around the world, making quick work of Ulik the troll king in Australia, or helping a very bitey Blade defeat Roxxon Super Soldiers in Antarctica, all the while keeping a running inner monologue about Bruce’s jealousy of her former so-called charmed life as the “fun Hulk”, or lamenting her many #MeToo moments, but ultimately how she’s really OK with her new brutish incarnation, and doesn’t miss any of her old selves.

The entire issue is one, big, heavy-handed and preachy sermon about loving yourself for who you are: page after page of beautifully massive, splashy Ed McGuinness illustrations of She-Hulk smashing stuff while coming to accept who she is.

It makes for a very quick read and a very short review.


• The Jury Of She-Hulks, including John Buscema’s original, an Amanda Conner version, and John Byrne’s prosecuting attorney version

• a proposal from Ulik!

• a hilarious Deadpool cameo

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