Jack Boniface becomes a global hero in Shadowman #3: ADVANCE REVIEW

Written by: Cullen Bunn, Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Colours by: Jordie Bellaire.

Jack Boniface is a musician from New Orleans. He has a power passed down through his lineage, through a voodoo spirit called Shadow Loa. He is one of only a few people who can protect the Earth against the evils from another realm called the Deadside. His alter ego gives him reduced fear, His alter ego gives him reduced fear, enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes, as well as other voodoo powers. He is….Shadowman.

Jack followed one of the spirits to a deserted town, where he was able to send it back through the veil. Now his journey is taking him all over the, searching for the lost spirits as they highjack our world in favour of theirs. Jack is haunted by a woman’s face; is she part of all of this, is she the one pulling all the strings? While he tries to gather his intel on this mysterious woman, he meets a new vigilante. One who’s determined to put all spirits back to the Deadside, even if that means Shadowman himself.

It’s no secret to POP readers that since I picked up issue 1 of this series, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, that I actually purchased a volume of a previous volume of the series written by someone else. Reading that gave me more of an understanding of the character, but it also helped me see how special the current run is. The difference is night and day, when comparing the writers; one is more associated with action, whereas Bunn is more associated with horror. For me, it’s the horror that propels this character, so with Bunn you get the suspense of the script, but you also get some of the creepier elements, which heighten the story.

For this reason, I’ve said it before but I’ll keep saying it: Cullen Bunn is a perfect fit for this character. He’s clearly having fun with the script, by the way that he assembles the narrative. Jack starts in Barcelona, and then we backtrack to see the events which lead him there, to then finish off the Spanish part of the story. This is not rushed or made it seem to drag out, so we can get a few more issues out of the story; it’s concise yet a pleasurable detour to take.

The other thing that was apparent in the difference between the two volumes was the artwork. I have praised Jon Davis-Hunt previously, but it’s truly remarkable how well he can sculpt a town. In the first issue it was visually obvious it was New Orleans despite not being told; it was easy to depict with the architecture. Here he’s able to do the same with Barcelona. The first few panels took me back to when I was trying to find my way around the streets at night. For this you have to not just be on top of your game, but also have a consistently high standard. Which is visible by the structured and impressive panel layouts. Not only do we get a high energy layout of a sequence drawn within another page showing a later interaction, but the detail on each one is remarkable.

I am consistently impressed with this title. The story is fun and well thought out, and the artwork is masterful. There is a reason why it’s at the top of my reading pile each month. I cannot recommend this series enough.

Shadowman issue 3 will be released from Image Comics on 23rd June from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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