Jessica Jones hopes to be a hero, but gets a not so "Perfect Burger" instead in S3 E1

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” is back in its third and final season on Netflix, thanks to the Disney and Fox merger. There is zero chance that the series will continue on the Disney+ streaming service. It is also unknown if the series will even be available to stream there, in part due to the R-rated content that runs rampant throughout, but also because it was originally a Netflix product. The series may very well likely just remain on ol’ faithful for the foreseeable future.

The first season ended with Jessica snapping the neck of the Purple Man, Kilgrave, in order to save the life of her foster sister Trish Walker, as well as the many other lives that were in jeopardy under Kilgrave's mind control. She herself had been under his control for an entire year, and that experience left her with PTSD and a need for alcohol unlike any other. Jessica struggles with the repercussions of her actions in season two. Trish pushes Jessica to investigate IGH, the company that gave her abilities, but that's just not a rabbit hole she wants to go down. Fate has other plans as Jessica winds up doing just that and this leads her to the midpoint of the season where she finds out her mother, Alisa, actually survived the car crash Jessica's family was in all those years ago.

Alisa has also developed superhuman abilities because of IGH. She and Jessica clash because of so many skeletons in Alisa’s closet, but they begin to bond after they help rescue a kidnapped child together. Trish is able to convince the doctor who gave Jessica and Alisa their abilities to do the same to her. Jessica finds them mid-procedure, but the doctor decides to kill himself than risk capture. Alisa is enraged and proceeds to hunt down Trish until Jessica decides to not kill Alisa, but to flee the country with her instead. In the season finale, their plans go awry and Alisa decides to give up running, opting to wait for the police at a childhood amusement park. She tells Jessica she’s the best thing she has ever done. After expounding on how Jessica can be a great hero, giving a shit and caring enough to do something about it, she is shot dead by Trish. There is no reconciliation on the horizon for these two, and that’s where season three starts.

With high hopes for the grand premiere, especially after the fantastic spectacle that was Season 2, the episode actually rolls out with a bit of a yawn. Some time has passed since the end of season one. Jessica is tasked with a case where she believes there is a clear bad guy and good guy. Things aren’t that clearly decipherable and she begins to question what heroism, justice, and the difference between good and bad are all about. In classic noir narration, Jessica reveals that during the little time she spent with her mother, she developed hope in her ability to help others, and to become a true hero. This isn’t natural for her at all, but as it’s all she has left of her mother, she can’t quit on hope.

We also learn how Trish, Malcolm, and Hogarth have been doing, on a scale of 1-10 being fantastic. In order I would say they would rate themselves at a 9, 8, and 4. The episodes closes with an act that no one sees coming. It forces you to not want to wait to start Episode 2 . “A Perfect Burger” appears to have been all about the prep work, letting us in on what our hero and the acquaintances in her life are up to. Facing terminal illness, enacting one’s personal belief of justice, and being firm in not forgiving or forgetting can be very stressful. Everyone is going through it. We’ll see how they press on.


First Comic Appearance: Alias #1 (2001)

Most Recent Comic Appearance: Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter - MDO #3 (2019)

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