"Joker: Killer Smile Book One" is the creepy, Halloweeny POP Cover Of The Week

Joker: Killer Smile, Book One, DC Comics, by Kaare Andrews.

"Joker: Killer Smile, Book One" variant cover art by Kaare Andrews

DC’s Black Label Joker: Killer Smile, Book One just happens to release tomorrow, October 30, and is an appropriately Halloween-y choice for POP Cover Of The Week.

Variant Cover artist Kaare Andrews borrows the now-famous pose from Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker movie, using the Joker's fingers to pull his wicked smile to its maximum width of insane creepiness. His crazy eyes have colorless pupils, adding to his over-the-top appearance. He’s laughing so hard, tears are running down his face, and brilliantly, also off of the ruggedly hand-lettered HA-HAs scattered all over the cover.

Everything in the cover design is on an angle, to literally communicate “off-kilter” and chaos, and create a sense of unease in the viewer. Even the trade dress (the comic title logo, publisher’s logo, issue number, creative credits, etc.) with its jagged, noncomformist fonts is askew.

The final, meta touch of a handwritten caption pointing to his face: “LOLs crying” is the icing on top of the crazy cake of this POP Cover Of The Week.

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