"Jughead The Hunger versus Vampironica" may sound silly, but it's a legit horror comic

Writer: Frank Tieri, Artists: Pat & Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, Inkers: Bob Smith, Ryan Jampole, Joe Eisma, Colorists: Matt Herms & Lee Loughridge, Letterer: Jack Morelli, Main Cover Artists: Kennedys/Smith/Herms

Archie fans know it, but everyone else may not realize that the "Archieverse" has seriously gotten into horror comics in recent years, beginning with Afterlife With Archie (AWA) in 2013, and more recently with Jughead The Hunger (JTH) and Vampironica.

AWA was a zombie apocalypse tale, JTH turned the ever-hungry Jughead into a werewolf with a different kind of hunger, and with a name like Vampironica, it should obvious what happens to Riverdale's rich girl Veronica. All of the comics have been expertly guided by the Chief Creative Officer and main writer of the Archie Comics, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright and screenwriter who is also the creator and a producer of The CW’s Riverdale, and Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

All the different "Archie Horror" comics series have also been beautifully illustrated, with the characters depicted in a more realistic style, by well-known comic book talents like Francesco Francavilla and Greg Smallwood.

Why all the buildup? Just to let you know these are not your parents’ Archie comics…yes there is still fun teenage humor, but these are straight-up horror comics that are well made and worth your time and money.

With the success of these titles, it was inevitable I suppose, for a crossover event to happen, so now there's Jughead The Hunger vs Vampironica (JTHvV).

Riverdale is suddenly and overwhelming overrun with vampires, and the reigning (and secret) queen vamp, Veronica, is having none of it. Neither is Jughead, who hates vampires, as werewolves usually do in the horror genre these days. Apparently, Archie and Betty the town vampire slayer had no idea that Veronica had fangs until now. Is she the real Veronica? Will she and Werewolf Jughead rip out each other’s throats?

It may take a certain teenage witch to straighten everything out, and help rid Riverdale of its infestation.

Jughead The Hunger vs Vampironica #3 arrived in comics shops July 17, 2019.

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