Jupiter's Legacy Requiem #1 ADVANCE REVIEW: Millar action, drama, & mystery in a beautiful package

Writer: Mark Millar, Artist/Colorist: Tommy Lee Edwards (with John Paul Leon), Letters: John Workman.

The long wait for Requiem is over. The “act of remembrance for the dead” begins, featuring the next generation of Supers, who are now having Super-kids of their own.

Chloe, the wayward daughter of The Utopian and Lady Liberty turned herself around and rose to her legacy (ahem), became a leader, and married Hutch, the son and successor of Skyfox, a former hero who turned against his former allies to become the world’s greatest super-villain.

In the last volume of Jupiter’s Legacy it was the super-villains who fought the heroes to release their authoritarian control over the world. Now, lead by new Lady Liberty Chloe, the next gen of Supers rule with the public, instead of over them.

Eight years later, the Utopia that the Sampson brothers dreamt of but failed to produce is in place: “Nature tamed. Crime at an all-time low. Hunger and pandemics virtually eliminated by human and superhuman collaboration.” The “nature tamed” part includes a global climate control satellite system that has kept global warming in check. Such a weather-control system would be apocalyptically destructive if in the wrong hands…

The new Utopian is Jason, the grandson of the original. He is considered the world’s most perfect man, which is a compliment or an insult, depending on who you ask. Like his “troubled” brother Otto, whose different world view, jealousy, and resentment of Jason repeats a familiar family cycle from Volume 1. Otto doesn’t have the ethical, non-interference code his brother follows, and he promises to be trouble for the entire world. I hope that Millar doesn't intend to have the family history and drama of Volume 1 repeat itself. But knowing Millar, there will no doubt be some twists.

Beside his commitment to defending the world, Jason’s other obsession is to find out the origins of the aliens that bestowed the superpowered legacy on his family over a century ago. His mission is threefold: WHO ARE WE? WHO MADE US? WHY DO WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN SO MUCH? Millar has kept the middle question a mystery long enough. The last question should be obvious to any parent. Jason is willing to go to some pretty extreme measures for clues to the alien mystery, even gruesome ones.

The art this time is fully painted by Tommy Lee Edwards, with flashbacks by the late John Paul Leon, the last interior pages produced before his untimely death. Edwards’ colors are alternately moody or vibrant when they need to be, always beautiful and evocative…a very different artistic approach from past volumes.

Speaking of different, lettering veteran John Workman does something a bit different with his word balloons here. Instead of the traditional sharp pointers leading from a word balloon to a speaker’s mouth, here they are blunted cut-offs. Since it isn’t the norm, it’s a bit distracting, especially since they aren’t done in a consistent manner…some are thick, some are thin. His linespacing is also awfully tight and feels claustrophobic, even with healthy white margins around his lettering blocks.

In this first, oversized issue, Millar gives us a lot to look forward to. And for the first time since Quitely was providing the visuals, the art is equal to the task.

“These are the adventures of the world’s greatest super-heroes. This is their final adventure.”

Don’t miss this beautiful, exciting (and apparently final) chapter in the Jupiter’s Legacy saga.

Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 a 48-page issue from Image Comics will release June 16, 2021.

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