Kevin experiences a hero crisis in Savage #2 ADVANCE REVIEW

Writer: Max Bemis, Illustrator: Nathan Stockman, Colourist: Triona Farrell, Letters: Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou.

LAST ISSUE: Kevin Sauvage was taken hostage after his battle with the dinosaurs around London. Professor Hanley Nealon shows him around his bizarre experiments that he’s sure will help him change the world. Along the way he meets Mae, who was taken in and raised by the professor, but is secretly working to take him down. During his capture and then subsequent trials to try to escape, Kevin comes to the realisation that humanity isn’t worth saving, and doesn’t deserve the hero that he could be. He just wants to be left along to enjoy his time.

In issue #2, we open with the creepy professor talking to Kevin about his inventions that will change the world, and even Kevin remarks that he’s giving off Bond villain vibes. This made me chuckle, but it also made me question at what point did he get a chance to read or watch James Bond movies. This is the second issue and I’m not fully up to date on the lore of the character, so this could be a gap in my knowledge, however this kind of joke may seem funny, but does cast doubt over the chronology of events that are portrayed within the story. Other than that it’s written well enough, other than the really over the top villain who makes no sense, even talking about Mae saying “she was smarter than someone 10 times her age.” This is a very strange sentence, as he doesn’t have any correlation to intellect.

We get more development for Kevin, which I feel is needed for someone like myself who isn’t well versed on the backstory of the character. The strain with his brother and the fact that he feels used is a great angle to push the character to breaking point. This will make his eventual comeback even sweeter as we feel the same way.

I thought the panel shown above was fantastic. The way the artist uses the space in a non-linear way helped it feel like a grueling effort to follow Kevin’s equally grueling trial. I had a lot of fun with it, and I really do hope we get to see more of this from the team. The only drawback I see from this, would be from a physical copy, it may be difficult to read each part. Still I felt this was the best section of the book.

The art overall was good; I especially liked the creepy way that the professor was drawn. We even get a full page that gave me chills. So I think that was a great job by Nathan Stockman and Triona Farrell. However, one specific panel really stood out for me. Towards the end, where Kevin makes his mind up that humanity isn’t worth saving, he yells at his brother yelling "You all don’t deserve me!" The pointing of the finger, the waving of the hair, with the shouting really reminded me of Kitty Pryde in Uncanny X-Men #178.

If this was an accident, then it’s a very bizarre coincidence, as this panel by Paul Smith is one of the most famous in X-Men history, I think it was done on purpose to express how much Kevin hates the situation right now, using the anger from the original to springboard him up even more. This was a very clever way of portraying the emotion and a great nod to Chris Claremont’s run on the mutants.

Overall this was an enjoyable book that is pushing the character forward, which is what is needed for new readers. I’m excited to see where they go with this character.

Savage #2 will be released on 17th March from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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