KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Journey "Light-Years From Home" to "Krypton" S2 E1

Season two of Syfy's surprise hit show Krypton aired Wednesday, June 12, 2019, and it continued the fantastic storytelling of the planet Krypton before it was destroyed and its last remaining son Kal-El was sent to Earth. In season one, Earth's spaceman-hero Adam Strange traveled back in time to stop one of Superman's greatest foes from destroying Krypton and making sure Kal-El was never born. He brings Superman's cape with him as a barometer of sorts, indicating the more the cape fades away, the closer they are to Big Blue never existing. Adam finds Seg-El, who is Kal's grandfather, and warns him of the danger. Together, with the help of Seg's grandfather Val-El (in hologram form), they work to stop Brainiac from bottling Kandor. Along the way, they encounter General Dru-Zod, also from the future, who claims he is there to help, but Adam knows better than to trust Superman's worst enemy. Season one ends with Val-El (freed from his own faked death and self-exile in the Phantom Zone), Seg-El, and General Zod attempting to trap Brainiac in the Phantom Zone. After Brainiac is pulled in and everyone assumes victory, Brainiac manages to reach back out just enough to pull Seg in with him. As soon as the Phantom Zone closes, Zod immediately destroys the Phantom Projector, presumably sealing their fate and trapping them there forever. Afterwards, you watch as Superman's cape changes and the House of El symbol morphs into the House of Zod's.

Krypton is an awesomely entertaining show with amazing visuals and special effects. It's not just a story of an alien planet being destroyed, it is a story of love, honor, family, trust, and betrayal. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat, as the story pulls on your heartstrings. You don't have to be a Superman fanatic to enjoy this show, but if you are, there are plenty of winks and nods to the Superman mythology.

The first episode of season two, "Light-Years From Home," picks up six months after the events of season one. General Zod rules over Krypton with an iron fist. Giving daily speeches encouraging the people of Krypton to stand with him, whilst warning those who oppose him that they will be destroyed. Standing by his side is his mother, and Seg's love interest, Lyta-Zod, whom, like her son is stone cold in her resolve to make a more perfect Krypton. They are both desperately searching for Doomsday, who escaped his holding chamber at the end of last season. They hope to use Doomsday as the ultimate weapon to conquer the galaxy; kneel before Zod or be destroyed.

Adam Strange is back after using the Zeta Beam device to travel back to the Earth of the future, where he found the people of Earth frozen in time and a giant statue celebrating General Zod in the middle of the city. Now back in a very different Krypton, he reconnects with Val-El, the new leader of the resistance against Zod whom Adam is shocked to find that he is no longer a hologram, along with Jax-Ur and Nyssa-Vex. They are desperately working together to end Zod's rule and stop him from spreading his army throughout the galaxy. Adam, now inspired by Seg who has showed him the power of hope, refuses to give up trying to find a way to get Seg back from the Phantom Zone, if that's where he even is still. We get to see some of Seg's time spent in the Phantom Zone, and it is quite epic. This version of the Phantom Zone is vast and cosmic. There are beams of light everywhere with prisms of colors, and shadowy versions of Seg that go in and out behind him. The effects department absolutely killed it creating this place.

Seg manages to escape the Phantom Zone, but not in the best shape. The Zone took quite a toll on him both mentally and physically. There is a very heartwarming moment when Seg and Adam happen to reunite on an uninhabited planet. Seg can't believe Adam is still alive after he thought he had died in a massive explosion last season. The tender moment inevitably turns into brother-like bickering about how to get home. The bickering doesn't last long, though, as a stranger appears out of nowhere with a couple of questions, and this stranger, well, he calls himself "the Main Man" and he's an intergalactically famous bounty hunter you may have heard of.

This very entertaining series continues next Wednesday, June 19 on SyFy, with season two, episode two, titled "Ghost in the Fire." You won't want to miss it.

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