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LA ComicCon Recap: POP Style!

Hoo boy, do I have an adventure for you!

This past weekend I was invited to attend Los Angeles Comic Con as a representative for our namesake page, POP: Culture & Comics. Not only was this a great privilege and an amazing experience, but I was able to meet many wonderful people along the way.

One thing I anticipated was a large crowd to enter the Con, and I was not incorrect in my assumption; with a "two hour prior to opening" check-in time, Con-goers were allotted ample time to get their badges and join the first wave in gathering before the towering escalators/stairs that led to the convention floor. Con-goers that arrived on time for registration/line-up were greeted with a wondrous banner:

Featuring the Con mascot, the Octopus, LACC had a sweet design for this year's event.

I was lucky enough to maneuver my way into slightly earlier access in order to snap some photos of pre-Con crowding that ensued.

40 Minutes Prior to Exhibit Hall Entrance

As I ran around frantically before the general public came into the Con, I was able to snap some almost eerie photos of the empty rows/popular booths.

A very temporarily fully stocked Hot Topic Booth

An empty hall, save for Exhibitors prepping their booths

I did my best to reach out to some of the creators present at LA Comic Con (LACC) in order to highlight their booths and some of their current work all at once, before artist alley would be overrun by Con-goers, and before the artists would be swamped with signature and commission requests. Some of the artists/writers I got to meet were all extremely kind and ready to discuss their work with me, and their projects which were as follows:

Brian Haberlin:

Brian Haberlin: Currently Illustrating "Sonata", and this week's release, "The Marked"

Tommy Rice:

Tommy Rice: Repping "Niobe" and "Lok", and whose biceps were bigger than my noggin.

Frank Gogol:

Frank Gogol: Rocking a First Print of the sellout hit "Dead End Kids"

I'm a sucker for Con-exclusives, and the bright and vivid banner depicting this year's LACC exclusive Funkos caught my eye nearly as soon as I began to wander the hall, So I made note to head over there before too much chaos ensued, and it was a sight to behold. You knew the general admission was open because of the booming sound of POP hunters running at full speed towards the Hot Topic Booth.

I was disappointed in my fellow Con attendees however, as they nearly trampled the poor employee holding the "line starts here" sign, in order to get first dibs at the exclusives.

The Final Stretch of 100 or so people to get to the LACC exclusives

My Prize for Patience~

After that madness, I returned to my main focus, Comics! I made sure to check out plenty of vendors (the hunt has been on for Spawn #128 for about a year now), and some who weren't too busy even stopped to pose for our humble page!

Al Pruett: proprietor of Godaddyo's Comicbook Hideout

Even the wildly popular Texas-based retailer Unknown Comics made an appearance on the west coast...

Unknown Comics Booth

and brought superstar Venom: Lethal Protector artist Sam De La Rosa with them!

Sam DeLa Rosa and Yours Truly

He was even cool enough to sign my Shirt featuring panels of his work! (for a small donation to his local YMCA!)

(I'm Never Washing This Shirt Again)

To finish up my day after winding up and down the Artists' Alley, Collectible Areas, and the Insane Hot Topic booth, and visiting a variety of panels (the Spongebob and Office casts were a hoot!) I had two interviews lined up: the first with someone who is huge for folks from my generation.

Teenage Heartthrob Drake Bell!

Drake Bell: Super Cool Dude

We discussed his many projects, such as his old roles in TV Shows and music: Drake and Josh, Ultimate Spider-Man, and his coming tour in South/Central America in music festivals.

What stood out to me the most was his instant reply to the question: Who would you play in a live-action film?


I could see it, and with his confidence and acting prowess I'm sure he could masterfully bring the character to life on the big-screen! Drake was such a cool guy to meet, and I was beyond grateful for his time.

Moving onnnnn.....

Next up I had an interview with Paul Scanlan.

On my way over I was greeted by a familiar scene, for those of you familiar with Clerks...

And from there I was soon to be met by none other than Brian O'Halloran!

"Dante Hicks" and Myself

From there I went on to meet the CEO of Legion M, who are currently producing a film that the comic community has been stirring over: A Girl With No Name.

Paul Scanlon, Co-CEO of Legion M

Paul gave me a wonderful rundown of Legion M, a company by the fans, for the fans. They've gone on to purchase the film rights to the hit Alien documentary, assist in the production of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and even the buzzing A Girl with No Name! (you can see the full interview in the coming days via our website and Facebook page)

Epic Alien Queen w/ Facehugger Eggs

After that me and my trusty cameraman were wiped out, after 8 hours of Con craziness, we decided to hit the road, but were greeted with an insane sight that only a video could portray properly. The entrance line for LACC spanned nearly a mile long, full of all sorts of people. Lesson learned, keep coming as early as possible!

I'll be more ready for the next one!

Now since you've been such a good sport and stuck around, here's some of my personal favorite cosplays from the con!

Scarecrow w/ Fear Gas

Bombastic Bag-Man and Spider-Gwen

Sand-Witch and Ash Williams

Polaris and Scarlet Witch

Princess Deadpool and Her Trusty Steed

The Infinity Luchador

Joaquin Joker Channeling Killer Klown Vibes

Princess Mononoke and Kiki

And The Goodest Eevee Boi

Hope To See You Next Year, LACC!!

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