"Life is Strange #11": The Calm Before the Storm

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Writer: Emma Vieceli, Art: Claudia Leonardi, Colours: Andrea Izzo.

The story of Max and Chloe in this issue was also free of actions like previous issues. It unrolled onto the daily lives of the main characters as they prepared to make changes. Chloe and Rachel will be taking the trip around the country. The band The High Seas are preparing to leave their present shore for their musical tour. Everything and everyone is moving on; now Max has to decide if she wants to join the flow of this world or really try hard to go back to her timeline's Chloe. Max literally wakes up from a dream of promises made with Chloe from another world which directs the plot of this issue. This dream charges Max up to solve the link between Tristan and her.

We get to see more of Rachel’s life as an actress, not surprisingly it’s a Shakespeare play. Rachel getting annoyed at jokes cracked about Ophelia's suicide and ends up discussing Ophelia’s tragedy was a smart narrative device to show how empathetic a person Rachel is. Chloe of this timeline is worried about Max and doesn’t want to go on a trip without her best friend. She is still scared, and after learning the truth, she doesn't want to be left behind again. It was a sad moment to read because it seems no matter what they do, Rachel, Max and Chloe can’t stay together in the same timeline. The happiness of being a trio of close friends has been wiped clean from their fates.

Tristan and Max finally are able to sync their powers and flicker through time. We again get to see the lonely Chloe from another timeline. But I have an ominous feeling that this story might not end up in a peaceful ending. Max might just end up losing more people because she is tampering with timelines. And past literature is the best example of how time can be cruel: there is always a price for our desires. I really don’t want these characters to suffer anymore.

I am in love with Andrea Izzo’s colouring, balancing the gloom and grim of this world with lovely shades of blue, orange, and other colours of an active world. Claudia Leonardi’s artwork is so consistent without a fail in continuity from panel to panel. Each character has their quirks, and her art brings them alive.

Emma Vieceli is a master of the slow burn, and her dialogues are not helping an impatient reader like me. While Chloe lazily says,” Regret isn’t Negative, wishing we could for better isn’t bad.” And throws Max into an existential exploration I was looking for some clues on how these two are getting back together. Life is Strange is walking on a thin line which might become a very trope YA fantasy and might leave many readers full of angst, and that includes me.

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