"Loose Ends" is an all-too-appropriate title for the series finale of DCU's "Swamp Thing"

DC Universe aired its season/series finale of Swamp Thing Friday August 8th, 2019, and it pains me to say this, but it was disappointing, and also what you would expect from a show that was cancelled after its first episode was released. When finding out the series was cut from 13 to a 10 episode run, I had my doubts that we would get a fitting end to the avatar of the Green's recent live-action television series. The practical and special effects have been spot-on all series, really bringing this horror-filled, mystical place to life. The acting from everyone in the show has been top-notch, especially Andy Bean and Derek Mears, who respectively portray Alec Holland and Swamp Thing. Bean is really only in 4 of the 10 episodes, aside from small snippets here and there, but when he's on-screen you can really feel the heart, love, and the compassion he brings to a character like Alec Holland.

"Loose Ends" picks up where last week's "Anatomy Lesson" ended, with Swamp Thing discovering from Dr. Woodrue that it is not actually Alec Holland, he is really a plant with Holland's consciousness that is imitating a human body. After escaping Avery, Woodrue, and The Conclave organization, Swamp Thing, and Dr. Abby Arcane head back to the cove in the swamp to find Alec's body and the truth. Abby and Swamp Thing have an intense, heartfelt conversation about the recent revelation when they are interrupted by men coming after Swamp Thing for revenge. It is from this point on that the episode starts to jump around from situation to situation, character to character, and becomes very separate.

There are several major storylines throughout this season that are left fairly unresolved by the end of "Loose Ends." The show has been building to a major showdown between Avery, The Conclave, and Swamp Thing, which we do get a showdown of sorts, but it feels so very unsatisfying and most definitely leaves you wanting more. I know that the writers and showrunners did the best they could in this kind of situation, and I do appreciate that they made a fun and entertaining season as they did the best with what they had. There was originally a three-season plan for Swamp Thing as well as a Justice League Dark spin-off, and after watching season one, it really makes me sad that we won't get to see this dark universe explored. The show's abrupt cancellation has not been evident throughout or had any major impact on previous episodes, but it is completely clear in this season/series finale that they had to quickly come up with some solutions for the situations in which the main characters had found themselves. For example, we have been following Daniel Cassidy's journey into becoming the Blue Devil, and as awesome as it was to see that happen, albeit briefly, in "Anatomy Lesson," if you were expecting it to go somewhere, don't hold your breath.

Overall, this was a really great show that had tremendous potential to grow and become one of the best comic book-based TV shows available. All we can do is listen to the rumors of possible landing spots for the show and hope that someone somewhere picks it up and we can continue to enjoy the mystical horror this show brings. Keep Swampy Alive!

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