"Love is a Battlefield" on this week's lighthearted Valentine's-themed episode of "The Flash"

This weeks’ Valentine’s Day themed episode (S6E11), titled “Love is a Battlefield,” is all about relationship struggles, but starts where last week’s left off, with Iris in a tech company’s offices where she was looking for clues about illegal arms dealing, waking up in front of a huge, mysterious mirror.

Cut to: morning at the Allen residence, where Barry wakes to find a surprisingly delicious breakfast prepared by Iris…how did she learn to cook overnight?

Notice some pretty blatant product placement when Barry talks to Alexa…

Danielle Panabaker is obviously enjoying playing Frost more often this season, whose personality continues to thaw and become less and less villainous, thanks to Ralph’s life coaching. She actually likes Valentine’s Day and wants to pay forward the life coaching by playing Cupid to Team Citizen member Alegra.

Sci-fi genre favorite Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) returns as the gleeful, scene-stealing villain Amunet Black, with her flechette-flinging gauntlet and over-the-top British accent. She is a hoot, as my Grandma used to say. So is her lovers quarrel with fellow villain, the blinged-out, ludicrously named Goldface. Their final faceoff is a light-hearted, humorous scene, complete with a soundtrack echoed in the episode’s title.

Amunet's fight with Goldface is hilariously romantic

The expressions on Iris and Barry's faces as Amunet and Goldface makeup

Barry and Iris have a mini-fight as well, as he tries to understand how Iris has changed lately, and how independent she has become of him. But despite Iris telling Barry that she doesn’t need The Flash to save her anymore, Barry does precisely that, with no complaint from Iris. Weird.

The very last scene ends as the episode began, in front of a mirror, and explains why Iris seems like a different person lately. Bet you saw that one coming. Find out for yourself on The Flash, airing Tuesdays on The CW. Catch up on recent episodes online at cwtv.com

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