Main Man Lobo steals the show in the latest episode of "Krypton"

Zod’s rule in the altered timeline continues, as the rebels, led by Val-El and Jax-Ur, increase the Resistance against his authoritarian rule. You would think the rebels/Wegthor subplot with all the seducing and spying and guerilla tactics would be interesting, but notsomuch for me, since I know things won't stay this way, and I am impatient for everything to get back to the way it should be, and for Zod to be banished to the Phantom Zone (hopefully, if canon bears out).

Thank goodness we have a very entertaining subplot featuring Seg-El and Adam Strange trying to destroy Brainiac on his homeworld of Colu, while trying to evade bounty hunter Lobo, who is also after Brainiac. Last episode, it seemed Seg killed Brainiac, but when the “Main Man” discovered that Brainiac is now sharing Seg-El’s consciousness, the chase was on.

Seg-El and Brainiac fight for control in their shared mindscape

Adam and Seg have a fun relationship to watch, very much a “buddy cop” feel with lots of bro humor and playful banter. This episode, they are trying to purge Brainiac from Seg, while evading Lobo, who is gleefully, perfectly visualized and played by Emmet J. Scanlan. His Irish accent was more than a bit off-putting at first for an alien bounty hunter, but no moreso for all the Kryptonians with British accents. He has attacked this very flamboyant role with gusto, and steals every scene he is in. Lobo's appearance suggests his race is extremely long-lived, since he will still be around to cross paths with Seg-El's grandson (Kal-El/Superman) someday.

"Scene-stealer" can also be said about Blake Ritson, who plays Brainiac. His deliberate, over-enunciated manner of speech is creepy as hell and makes your skin crawl, complemented by the very cadaverous, alien/cyborg makeup design.

Adam Strange dares Lobo to get through the forcefield.

When Seg realizes he can use his link with Brainiac against him, they find a lab he has hidden in a Coluan cave with the tech to remove his consciousness, if only they can evade Lobo long enough. No such luck, though, Lobo’s superhuman sniffer finds them, and the method Lobo uses to get through the lab’s forcefield is…nauseatingly creative.

The second season of Krypton features even more visually stunning alien, futuristic environments and effects, and contains a Who’s Who of Superman villains: Brainiac, Zod, Doomsday, and Lobo. Highly recommended even for those who may not be Superman fans, but merely fans of great sci-fi.

Krypton airs Wednesdays on SyFy.


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