Man vs God in Bliss #7: ADVANCE REVIEW

Written by: Sean Lewis, Art by: Caitlin Yarsky.

Perry goes into battle against Lethe, armed with only the memories inside a bottle. In the hope that with these memories restored, Lethe will wake up to what she’s done and they will finally be free. However, with the element of surprise gone and other factors not fully considered, will this really go the way that Perry is hoping it will?

We are here at the penultimate issue of BLISS. With what was originally supposed to be a 6 issue miniseries now extended, as I covered extensively in my review of issue 6. The first thing I noticed about this issue, was the stunning artwork. The artwork throughout the series has been very good, but there was something special about the art within the first 2 issues that really played on the “trippy” feel for the characters who would engage in Bliss. The distorted reality winding around, mixed with the deep colours was something very reminiscent of classic Ditko art from Doctor Strange books.

This kind of art really brought me back to the first few books in the series. One of the things that made this series so new and yet classic was the way it played with its artwork, with characters who were dosed up. Seeing it again reminded me how much I enjoyed it and why I did so much.

Unfortunately I can’t be so generous about the writing. As I spoke about in my last review, I feel like the story is being dragged out a little where it could have been concise. Now with this issue, I have something of a bigger complaint. Throughout the series, we have seen the character of Benton develop from a bad guy, into someone who we could understand why he did what he did. We then build up a huge villain with Lethe, a god who has been pulling the strings, essentially responsible for everything that has happened. What we get in this issue was such an anti-climax, I’m actually a little disappointed. We don’t actually get a wrap-up of a story arc for her, and Benton doesn’t get justice or revenge, or even any kind of closure in regards to the gods. Now I’m aware that we still have an issue left of the series, but this issue closes the chapter on the gods. So neither Benton or Perry will get the closure that they deserve.

The conclusion of this issue does have the potential to set up a finale that is centred around the themes of the series: redemption, family, and the struggles of addiction. Although I do appreciate the opportunity for these themes to be given the focus that they deserve, I’m saddened by the fact that the struggles that Benton has gone through will never be vindicated. I’m still hopefully that the final issue will deliver something satisfying to end with. However, without the gods, it just boils down to fighting between men, which is exactly the final quote from Lethe in this book.

Overall, I’m still very impressed with Caitlin Yarsky’s artwork. It has looked stunning and yet disgusting in all the right ways. I especially like the full art pages that really show off her talent of both pencils and colours. Although I’m disappointed by the direction the book has gone when it comes to the plot, I’m still excited to see how it’s finally finished. It’s never easy to finish a series and I don’t think this will be an easy task, to balance justice for the past and redemption for the present. Either way, I’ve enjoyed the themes as they have been played out and I look forward to the conclusion next month.

Bliss issue 7 will be released on 5th May from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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