Martin Luther King Jr is featured on the 1957 Retro Cover Of The Week.

Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story, The Fellowship of Reconciliation (publisher), 1957. Cover art by the Al Capp Studio.

This special POP Retro Cover Of The Week dips back into the 1950s for a special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day edition, to present a cover to a comic that was produced by the Fellowship of Reconciliation in 1957 and distributed to promote their message about the power of boycotting as a form of protest to inspire social change.

The book was created for free by the studio of Al Capp of Lil’ Abner fame. The book told the story of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts in 1955 and MLK’s Walk To Freedom soon after, as well as a boycotting how-to. The book even inspired four young men in Greensboro to sit-in boycott a Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1960, which in turn inspired others.

The graphic design of the cover is fairly plain, but the likeness of MLK was solid, along with the other illustrations of cars and buses of the era. Unlike other comics of the era, the cover was not printed on glossy cover stock, but used the same pulpy paper as the interior story, no doubt to keep costs down.

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