"Marvel Action Captain Marvel #5" is all story, no action

Writer: Sam Maggs, Art: Sweeney Boo, Colors: Brittany Peer, Design & Letters: Christa Miesner, Cover: Sweeney Boo.

"Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5" cover by Sweeney Boo

Some shenanigans have gone down since Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4 hit stands and Kindles in early March 2020. Pandemic aside, it is great to see IDW continue with this new adventure for Carol Danvers and Nadia Van Dyne. To recap a bit on what happened in the last issue, Carol was out with Nadia for some driving lessons in Tony Stark's car when they were suddenly pursued by A.I.M. assassins (Advanced Idea Mechanics). One of the assassins had a giant device that shot the heroic duo with a laser, shrinking them down to a size smaller than a bee in the middle of the attack. Issue #5 continues where they left off, with a giant black boot hovering over Captain Marvel and Unstoppable Wasp.

Fear not, there is no way the duo will be made obsolete in this manner. They are able to escape A.I.M. for now, but this latest issue dives deep into their search for options to get out of this jam.

After the first three issues of Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, we have all come to know Carol Danvers to a degree. We know for a fact that she very much prefers flying solo on missions and feels it isn't necessary to count on backup. It is in her nature to not only take the lead, but be the lead as well. Issue #5 sees Carol face this problem yet again as the situation requires Nadia's scientific expertise over Carol's fists-first approach.

interior art by Sweeney Boo

There is a significant internal combat that unfortunately does not have a comparable physical combat for the pair to engage in. It partly feels as though Sweeney Boo's art isn't getting put to much work, without all of the action. Sam Maggs, on the other hand, is hard at work with moving the story right along. That is not to say that Boo and colorist Brittany Peer don't do a magnificent job with showing the story as it progresses. I think the best moment in the issue is on the page with Marvel and Wasp in a wide shot surrounded by flowers. Still, I believe this is going to be another 3-issue miniseries, which is fine, but I expect a load of superhero fighting in the next issue if this is so.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 is published by IDW and is on sale May 27, 2020.

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