Meet the very FIRST Blade Runner in the NEW "Blade Runner Origins"

Writer: K. Perkins/Mellow Brown/Mike Johnson, Art: Fernando Dagnino, Color: Marco Lesko, Lettering: Jim Campbell, Editor: David Leach, Creative Consultant: Michael Green.

Cover art by Peach Momoko

Before there was Blade Runner (the 1982 film), Blade Runner 2019 (the comic), and most recently the comic run of Blade Runner 2029, there was the breakout Blade Runner and we meet him here in Blade Runner Origins. The history of the Blade Runner does not go as far back as the creation of the first replicant ever made. To recap, a Blade Runner is a police detective in special ops whose purpose is to capture, dead or alive, rogue replicants. As we have learned in Blade Runner 2019 and 2029, the Nexus 5 model of the replicant could easily be mistaken for human in every way except for their strength, agility, and a serial number on the bottom of an eyeball. The Nexus 5s also had a very short lifespan, typically averaging no more than 8 years. The Nexus 5s were debuted in 2009 which is where Origins takes place. By this time, replicants had been in existence since 2000, created by the Tyrell Corporation.

Interior art by Fernando Dagnino

Typical dystopian Los Angeles, raining as much as you would expect in Seattle, and unlike any rainfall to realistically happen in our world's Los Angeles. This is the perfect setting for our introduction to Detective Cal Moreaux, one of LAPD's finest. Moreaux isn't necessarily a lonely man. Right away, his camaraderie with co-workers and friends is put on display across different scenes. He is also an intelligent man, but in no way does this come across as conceited. This is important to note as he has to act a certain way with his superiors in this issue. Detective Moreaux is sent to the Tyrell Corporation headquarters in order to close out the case of an incident that has taken place onsite. As has come to be expected, not everything is as it seems with this incident. By the end of the issue, Moreaux is unwillingly taken down the rabbit hole of the situation, and there's unlikely to be any way out other than fighting his way through it. Here's hoping the series' mystery is strong enough to hold the collective interest of the readers.

Interior art by Fernando Dagnino

Blade Runner Origins really makes you interested in finding out more about Detective Moreaux. There seems to be a militaristic history about him, and there's certainly something going on as far as a familial relationship. Artist Fernando Dagnino has taken the writer's notes on who he is, and crafted a truly unique looking character who also happens to be a person of color. In one panel Moreaux looks like he's right out of The Matrix. Every character is distinct, with a defining size, shape, and style. Dagnino takes some nice inspiration from Blade Runner 2019 and 2029's artist Andres Guinaldo. Origins will easily blend in with with the Blade Runner comics series even more so, thanks to the coloring of Marco Lesko, who brings his color theory smarts into this fold in an effortless manner.

We also have three writers involved this time around, in K. Perkins and Mellow Brown, along with Mike Johnson. Perkins is best known for her writing over at DC Comics, penning a significant portion of the Superwoman Rebirth series as well as Supergirl and Batwoman. She's even a writer for the Amazon series Paper Girls, and the Apple series Calls, alongside Mellow Brown. Brown is a screenwriter for the Starz series American Gods", which is in its third season, and honestly that series is insane in the best of ways. Check it out.

Blade Runner Origins was published by Titan Comics and available on March 3, 2021.

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