Meg's powers are tested in this psychedelic new arc. Home Sick Pilots #6 ADVANCE REVIEW

Written by: Dan Watters, Art by: Casper Wijngaard, Letters by: Aditya Bidikar.

October 1994. The Nevada desert. Meg is pushing herself and her newfound powers to the test for a secretive organisation. They both agree, that if something happens again like it did with the old James house, they want to be ready to fight back. Rip is held at the base just to try to keep Meg stable. He’s not convinced at their quest to do good. Would they be better off if he and Meg just left the base and tried to get on with their lives?

It’s been just over 2 months since we last had an issue of Home Sick Pilots, the punk rock band/supernatural/superhero series. I have to say it’s almost as if HSP didn’t take a break. We are back in with some action straight away, with Meg really challenging herself with her new abilities. Still covered in blood that won’t wash off, she’s able to control it to form a suit around her. We open with a three-page “recap,” giving us a quick reminder of who the nuclear bastards were and what happened to them. This was a very helpful thing to have after being away for a couple of months, not only so I could remember who the characters were. but also to get us back into the style of storytelling.

Writer Dan Watters is doing something very different with the beginning of this new arc. He’s “introduced” us to a new protagonist in Meg. Someone who was not quite an antagonist but not someone to make Ami’s life easier. With this shift in character perspective we are now having to see the events in the first arc from her eyes. This could cause us to look at Ami in a different way if this continues. I do say if, as we are being lead to believe that Ami and Buzz are both dead. I’m always skeptical if we don’t actually see something happen, and also because Ami was the main character so it would be a big shock to have her killed off. Either way, the new perspective helps the book stay fresh and keeps the reader on their toes as to what could happen. So far Watters has done a fantastic job of setting up the tone and characters to make this second arc be even more action-packed and heart-stopping than the first.

One of the standout aspects from the first arc was the artwork by Casper Wijngaard. He has not disappointed with this latest issue. From the start there was a balance between colour and then using certain colours to contrast each other. With the introduction of Meg's blood red suit, we have vibrant reds all over the book. He’s clearly picked a plain white border to make these bold colours stand out even more. It’s very colourful to the point where it feels very psychedelic. This could be chosen on purpose to match the themes of the book, of punk music culture. The influence of drugs on bands couldn’t not be noticed, so it matches to the aesthetic of the series. From a personal perspective, I also think it looks exceptional.

Overall, I was very impressed with the triumphant return of the series. I still think the drawback to it would be not enough effort is being made to represent the time period, other than that however the writing is free flowing and fun, and the art is beautifully crafted for both contrast and collaborated panels. I recommend this to any music fan.

Home Sick Pilots #6 will be released from 23rd June from Image Comics at your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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