"Metal Men #1:" everything we knew about them is a lie!

Writers: Dan Didio and Shane Davis, Pencils: Shane Davis, Inks: Michelle Delecki, Colorist: Jason Wright, Letters: Travis Lanham, Cover: Davis, Delecki, & NS Studio.

"Metal Men #1" cover by Davis, Delecki, & NS Studio.

It’s been a long time since The Metal Men have had a series of their own (a four-issue limited series in 1994), and it’s nice to see them making a comeback, along with an artist that’s also been AWOL too long, Shane Davis.

I have always been a BIG Shane Davis fan, and have missed seeing regular work from him over the last decade. When he burst into the comic book field in the early Aughts, I was an instant fan and bought everything he drew. His work was hard-edged, bold, dynamic, and detailed. I thought for sure he was going to be a major art presence for DC for many years to come. But after Superman: Earth One in 2010, for whatever reason, he all but disappeared as a regular artist, and his work just didn't look the same. His art here once again looks as tight and confident as his Aught-works. I hope he is back to stay.

The Metal Men have been around since the Silver Age, heroic sentient robots created by Will Magnus. They haven’t changed much over the decades, other than a temporary addition (or two or three), that never stuck around for long. Gold is still the handsome, intelligent leader; Lead the dull-witted bruiser, Iron the strongman, Mercury the slippery, sly and sarcastic one, Tin the thin, undersized, skittish one, and Platinum, the bombshell beauty who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Apparently, Will Magnus has been keeping a dark secret all these years, both from the public and from his wondrous creations. A secret the Metal Men tend to discover periodically, before Magnus wipes their memories. His Responsometer, the gadget that gives each of the Metal Men sentience, is not be what he always claimed it to be. Frankly, it confirms a theory of mine that I have had all along about the Metal Men, the clue hidden plainly in the name of the gadget itself, all along. Didio and Davis have come up with a fascinating premise that rewrites everything we thought we knew about the Metal Men, and promises to take them in a very interesting new direction, and tie them in with another DC Universe metal.

Find out what the Metal Men really are (and what they are about to become) in Metal Men #1 from DC Comics, on sale October 16, 2019.

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