"Metal Men #2" introduces the mysterious and dangerous Nth Metal Man: color us intrigued!

Writers: Dan Didio and Shane Davis, Pencils: Shane Davis, Inks: Michelle Delecki, Colorist: Jason Wright, Letters: Travis Lanham, Cover: Davis, Delecki, & NS Studio.

The first issue of the splashy reboot of the Metal Men ended with a major reveal: a new Metal Man composed of Nth metal, a substance that has been a part of the DC Universe since 1940, woven into Hawkman’s mythos. Nth metal has many mystical properties—including antigravity, magic neutralization, and host regeneration— which can be weaponized in very powerful and dangerous ways.

That no writer since the debut of the Metal Men has thought of creating an Nth Metal Man is hard to believe, but let’s all give an ATTABOY to Dan Didio for this so-obvious-it's-simply-brilliant idea. And for continuing to inject the Metal Men stories with the humor that they have always been loved for.

I have to give major kudos to colorist Jason Wright, who creates some very impressive and beautiful liquid metal details in Nth Metal Man, starting right on the cover. That extra effort and attention to detail continues in the story, with gritty textures on the ground and excavation walls, metallic surface reflections, and Dr. Magnus’ plaid suit and paisley tie (a combination that gives Magnus a very peculiar fashion sense).

Shane Davis continues to shine in his DC return, with dynamic and bold page layouts that differ from page to page to keep up visual interest. Sure is great to see his solid style again.

Back to the story: Metal Men creator Dr. Magnus has been well-aware of Nth metal, and has been studying it for quite a while, with special interest in its psychic properties. But there won’t be any cautious study of this creature in the excavation pit, as it is pursuing Dr. Magnus, and won’t let the Metal Men stand in its way. And apparently, an Nth metal sentient wasn’t the only thing lurking in the pit…

Metal Men #2 from DC Comics, on sale November 20, 2019.

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