Mysticism and mystery continues in "Worlds Apart," the latest episode of DCU's "Swamp Thing" (S1E2)

Dr. Abby Arcane (played by Crystal Reed)

The newest episode of DCU's Swamp Thing has aired and it's a suspenseful, thrilling, and very enjoyable ride. Unfortunately, with the recent news we will only be getting this one season, but that doesn't mean we can't thoroughly enjoy it as fans.

Episode two, "Worlds Apart," picks up moments after Alec Holland was shot and killed while investigating the accelerants being dropped in the swamp, and his consciousness was taken by the swamp to create Swamp Thing. Officer Matt Cable and Dr. Abby Arcane, along with the entire Sheriff's department, are searching for Alec's body, and Abby is certain foul play was involved in his death. Abby tells Sheriff Lucillia Cable (Matt's mother) that she saw something on two legs that resembled a man. Lucilla doesn't seem too happy to see Abby with her son; she knows he has feelings for her and fears he will only get hurt. Abby is staying with her reporter friend, Liz Tremayne, and is having a really difficult time dealing with Alec's death. You can tell they were close friends before Abby left town, that Liz cares for her and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Abby needs to get into Alec's lab and retrieve the data he has concerning the infected. She feels it is the best and only hope of saving these people. She also knows the only way of getting in there is with the help of Avery Sunderland, and even with Liz's warning against it, she heads to their home to speak with him. While she is there talking with Avery, you can see just how manipulative he is, welcoming her "home" with open arms. He plays the good guy, the pillar of the community, to hide who he truly is inside. During their conversation, we learn that the Sunderland's took Abby in at 8 years old, but her backstory is still very much a mystery.

Back at the hospital, we find that Susie Coyle has a very intense connection to the swamp and Swamp Thing, even telling Harlan that she can see the "Man in the dark," that he is scared and he doesn't understand what is happening to him. Maria Sunderland goes to visit the spooky medium Madame Xanadu to get more help in dealing with the unbearable pain of losing her only child. When Xanadu starts to work her spiritual magic, things go awry rather quickly, ending with her telling Maria to "let it be, leave it alone."

This episode also brings us two new characters, married doctors Jason and Caroline Woodrue, who are employed by Avery and are responsible for creating the accelerant he has been using in the swamp. It is here that Avery's true self comes to light, as he fears his name will be connected to the "plant plague" that is spreading, and he threatens the Woodrues and orders them to fix the problem.

Throughout the first two episodes of Swamp Thing, the main character has definitely been Dr. Abby Arcane, as we haven't (yet) discovered much about Alec's backstory and why he was in Marais. With Swamp Thing scared and confused as to what he is now and what had happened to him, the connection he has with Susie seems to be very important. The two can feel each other, almost as if they can see each other even when they are so far apart.

There are so many questions to be asked after "Worlds Apart": What brought Alec to Marais? What will happen next to Susie? What exactly happened between Abby and the Sunderland family, and what other secrets are they hiding? And what's in store after Abby has her first encounter with Swamp Thing? We will find out more when episode three of Swamp Thing, titled "He Speaks," airs on Friday June 14th, 2019 on the DCU streaming service.

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