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New Funko Pop figures include 10-inch tall Galactus with Silver Surfer, coming this summer!

The fine folks at Funko are now offering a much larger Pop vinyl figure, to proportionally tower over their regular 4-inch tall line of figures.

Coming this summer is the Great Devourer himself, GALACTUS, measuring 10 inches tall! Galactus comes with a metallic paint job to make his armor shine. As a bonus, Galactus holds a shiny herald in his hand, the SILVER SURFER, levitating on his surfboard.

Galactus arrives in June 2021, and retails for $45.99.

You can Pre-Order Galactus here at Entertainment Earth!

HOT OFF THE TRUCK APRIL 1: Carnage returns with a vengeance in this Marvel Heroes Absolute Carnage Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure - Previews Exclusive from Funko! Inspired by the cover art of Absolute Carnage #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, this shocking figure keeps all the creep, but with signature Funko flair. Carnage stands atop a skull base featuring Steve Rogers, Logan, Eddie Brock, and Peter Parker tombstones!

This deluxe figure retails for $29.99, and can be ordered from Entertainment Earth here.

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