Nocterra #6 ADVANCE REVIEW: hope amid the dark, in one of the most beautiful, stunning comics today

Written by: Scott Snyder, Art by: Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey.

Val has just overheard that Tiberius has betrayed them to Bill. He is outside the refuge demanding that Tiberius hand over Val, Em, and Bailey. All are very angry with him, as he begins to explain that he sold out his brother to get a seat at the “bigger table.” Since the PM (the everlasting evening), certain people have become powerful, and he (Tiberius) is one tiny cog, but with his brother's notes, and them dead, he can finally become a big player. But things are not looking good for our trucking team: Bill outside wanting them dead...Shades being kept inside the refuge...a dead rig outside. Not good at all.

Where were you when the big PM hit? The latest issue starts the same way the first did. However, this time with a little more hope. Snyder exposes that although this is a story about the dark, it’s also about the light. This question can also be asked of the reverse. Where were you when the light returned? We can all take guidance from this issue, because sometimes there will be dark days for everyone. Days where things don’t go our way. When we feel like the world is against us, and all we want to do is give up. However, even when things are like that, there will always be days that are the opposite: days that go well, days that restore our faith in humanity. These are the days that we need to cherish and hang onto to help us through the tough ones. It’s writing like this, that proves what I’ve been saying throughout this series: that Scott Snyder is hands down the best writer in comics today. He has created a story so dark in both tone and colour (or lack there of), yet will still see the best in dark situations.

From the very first issue, I have been praising this series for the writing. This issue is no exception...not just for the reasons above, but also the way that it has been structured throughout that has been exquisite. Keeping up the action pace of the book without skipping a beat for character development, Snyder maintains the pace here, where we get an action-packed issue that also gives us answers. Yet as all good writers do, he gives us a few more questions, too. We now have a new destination and with that, the mileage has had to be reset.

As with the writing, I have also been blown away by how good the art is. Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey continue to do incredible work. This issue is no exception. With this issue being action heavy, we get to see a lot of bloodshed, proving that they aren’t shy about showing off the violence, but even when they do, it still looks great. There are some great action scenes that I didn’t want to spoil here, but are truly stunning. Similar to my thoughts on Snyder, I believe that Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey are some of the best artists in comics right now, and this is just more evidence to suggest that.

Overall, we are now six issues in and I still cannot find a flaw in this beautiful series. With what looks like no plans on slowing down if the team maintain this quality, this really could be something special, and I recommend anyone who hasn’t started this book to find the back issues or buy the trade in October; you will not be disappointed.

Nocterra issue 6 will be released from Image Comics on 18th August from your Local Comic Shop, as well as digitally at Comixology

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