Nocterra #7 ADVANCE REVIEW: A new arc, a new colorist, and a slightly different direction.

Written by: Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel, Pencils by: Tony S. Daniel, Inks by: Tony S. Daniel and Sandu Florea, Colours by: Marcelo Maiolo, Letters by: Andworld Design.

After escaping Gus’s refuge and Blacktop Bill after everything went sideways, the convoy now consists of 9 people. They have one mission, to back track Gus, before he died, to a city called EOS, a city of light within the Earth where people there could use his equation to bring back the light to the world and save everyone. Things aren’t looking too good however, so maybe they have to change tactics and go from hunted to hunter.

It’s been 5 months since the ending of the last arc, if you don’t count last month's Blacktop Bill Special. Since then, the creative team has expanded, although it started as Scott, Tony, and Tomeu Morey. We now see that Tomeu has departed and we have Marcelo Maiolo. Now this could just be because I’m not a fan of change, especially when it comes to one of the best original series I’ve read for ages. I did find the colours slightly different, in that it wasn’t as realistic. Now I know that sounds strange when talking about a post apocalyptic fantasy setting, but the way the lights reflected from helmets just seemed like they were alive before, and the depth to characters' faces isn’t as prominent. Although it’s still very good. It’s also interesting that Tony Daniel is co-writing as well as continuing doing the art; it shows that he’s fully invested in this project, and from the quality of the series, I think everyone is throwing their best at it.

Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel are creating a second arc that’s reflective of the tone of the first and feels very similar, but are so far not treading the same path, which is keeping it fresh. They are now pulling all the characters together, making it a adventure story more than the road story the first arc was. It’s also shifted protagonists, which was a shock at first, but makes more sense as the issue goes on. Where the first arc was from the perspective of Val, this one starts from Bailey's, which is interesting as she’s the “daughter” of the family and has familial ties to Gus, making her very important to the mission.

Another interesting narrative choice is explained in the first sentence of this issue, as it explains that it was almost 14 years ago when the big PM (the everlasting darkness) hit. This means that the first arc took place over a year, which just makes sense considering how much they had to drive.

Artistically, it still feels similar, despite the change in colourist. This is most likely down to Tony Daniels's stunning pencils. We do get some beautiful double page spreads, but they lack the character of the first arcs, which is slightly unfortunate, but still a spectacle considering the artist. One more thing that struck me was the stunning cover. I’ve liked most of the covers of the series, but this one is just so colourful and striking, that I couldn’t help but stare.

Overall, it’s great to have the return of a series that I picked as one of the best of last year. Off again to a strong start, with no look to it being hindered by the upcoming Netflix adaptation. I honestly cannot recommend this series enough. It’s truly one of the best out there at the moment by a team who are consistently delivering high quality entertainment.

Nocterra issue 7 will be released by Image Comics on 2nd February from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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