Non-stop, horrific craziness in "The Batman Who Laughs #6"

The hit star of DC's "Metal" event that got his own mini-series (within a year!) hits his penultimate issue this week in The Batman Who Laughs #6.

"The Batman Who Laughs #6" Cover A by Jock

DC has pulled out all the stops for this character, and the same goes for the writers of the mini: Scott Snyder and Jock.

Snyder's Batman storytelling is nonstop goodness, and DC knows it. A truer detective comic than Detective Comics itself, Snyder's twisting and winding tale of The Batman Who Laughs (BWL hereafter) comes to a head here, and we get spoiled with a handful of craziness by our co-creators.

"The Batman Who Laughs #6" Cover B by Frison

Jock's artistry is absolutely amazing this go around. While the previous issues may not have fit his style so well, the change in Batman's perspective to one more akin to the BWL's is done horrifyingly well with Jock's specialization in horror.

DC's editorial seems to have done well in stretching the 6-issue mini into 7, and I'm beyond excited to see how our creative dynamic duo helps lead us into the new Batman/Superman title that centers (literally, check the connecting covers) on this character.

Two covers available, and they should be plentiful at your LCS (Local Comic Shop)!

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