Of "Zod and Monsters" in this week's heartbreaking and twisty "Krypton"

The creation of the Doomsday creature is a heartbreaking one

As the last episode ended, Zod was about to fire a mysterious new weapon, partially powered/enabled by a codex, a DNA-infused device introduced in the Krypton prologue sequence in the movie Man Of Steel.

This week, Zod’s plans for the weapon are revealed, and they involve subduing and controlling Krypton’s greatest destructive force, the Doomsday creature. Along with the recently completed Kryptonian spacefleet, Zod’s plans to conquer other worlds are about to commence. Can Val-El and the rebels stop him before he subdues all of their world and others?

Dramatizing a civil war can become tedious and boring, but the writers keep finding ways to create entertaining and even humorous scenes among all the heavy ones. This episode’s excellent example is an exchange between time-traveling Earthman Adam Strange and a former bar owner, now military leader of the mission to hunt Zod’s elite military squad, the Sagittari. Their dialogue about the hazards of war provides much-needed comic relief.

Meanwhile, the show’s lead, Seg-El (Kal-El/Superman’s grandfather) is still fighting the last remaining spark of Brainiac for control of his mind and body, while trying to protect Nyssa and their infant son, Cor-Vex. Brainiac is proving very difficult to completely eradicate.

The monsters portion of this episode, titled “Zods and Monsters” revolves around the origin of the Doomsday creature. Fascinating flashbacks to Krypton’s distant past reveal scientists from the Houses of El and Zod developing a heroic citizen into the ultimate weapon, a "super hero", to help in a civil war (this seems to happen often on Krypton). The story of Doomsday's creation is as heartbreaking as it is shocking.

Both the practical and CGI effects on Krypton are extremely well done; I especially am impressed by the computer hologram displays and diagnostic graphics. They are icing on the cake of a very immersive sci-fi experience.

Nyssa’s character has come a long way this season, going from a selfish, cold-as-Kryptonian-ice elitist to the warm, caring mother of Cor-Vex; a very fitting transformation considering the major twist that occurs in this episode.

Season 2 of Krypton airs Wednesdays on SyFy.

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