Oliver meets his grown children in the final season of Arrow S8E4: "Present Tense"

“You must be The Monitor…no human would wear something so ridiculous.” —Laurel Lance/Black Siren

Picking up from the final scene from last week’s episode, Oliver and Diggle appear in a flash of light. Transported back to the present on Earth One in the Arrow Bunker, they turn around, and Oliver is startled to see his grown son William standing in front of him. And soon realizes this is also his grown daughter Mia whom he has not seen since she was an infant (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

This WTH moment is inexplicably brought to you by The Monitor. Why he would bring Oliver’s grown children to him in the present is a mystery. Perhaps he thinks he will need his help in his pre-Crisis missions. Most of this episode deals with the original Team Arrow learning about their grown children, their fates, the future world of Team Arrow 2.0 and whether that future is cast in stone, or they can manipulate events to make sure only the “good parts” happen.

Oliver has ample opportunity to get to know the children he left behind and apologize for not being there for them, and have some closure before his preordained Crisis death. “Oliver’s Pre-Crisis Farewell Tour” sure is emotionally satisfying…and exhausting. Stay hydrated, Oliver.

The Deathstroke gang has Team Arrow cornered

Oliver tries to convince Mia not to kill

A mission against the Deathstroke gang requires William to seek some help with current-era technology and algorithms, so Oliver (and we fans) get to see Curtis again. He is jazzed ( and very hyped up on caffeine) to be working with Felicity’s tech-nerd son.

William slips up and mentions the Canaries, planting the seed in Dinah’s head to form up that group sooner rather than later. Timely, since the CW has already announced the spin-off series Green Arrow and the Canaries.

The episode ends with The Monitor appearing to Laurel, making a shocking request of her. So shocking, it makes us wonder if he is who he says he is. Stay tuned.

The final season of Arrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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