"One Day": A Sweet, Fluffy Tale of Empowering Romances, and Growing Up

Written and Illustrated by Pan.

One Day is a short webcomic that's sweet, fluffy and warm like pancakes which leave you happy after you devour them. I found this lovely webcomic on the Webcomic app when I was craving something soft and comforting on a really bad workday. I finished this story in an hour and was motivated enough to face the mess created by one of my co-workers.

You love the book The Dreamcatcher, right? Hum...right. That novel is really awesome! I've come to your store for three days. Finally, I finished it. What? You finished all of it?

In a rainy city, Bella a bookworm college student meets a cute backpacker in the bookshop where she works. They bond over an out-of-print book that Bella hides behind the shelves so that she can finish it before someone else buys it. They walk around the city, have coffee in Bella's favourite café, and talk about their looming future as working adults. Bella doesn't want to work in a corporate job, but her family is strict, and her new friend has a little secret of his own.


There are two side stories, of a tomboy teen named Luciana who has a crush on her basketball teammate, and how her friends try to doll her up to impress the boy. And the final story is of Isla, whose boyfriend suddenly breaks off their longtime relationship without a logical explanation.

Each story revolves around accepting one's own shortcomings and making the best out of their immediate reality. Luciana can doll up for one day, but her true nature is that of a wild child. Bella is timid and careful yet she dreams of running away in the novel she is writing, but deep down she knows escapism is only a temporary medicine. Isla had her life set, a decent job, a loving partner and marriage in two years, but when life throws her a curveball, she chooses her well-being over chasing lost love and spiraling down the obvious route of depression.


The art of the story made me so jealous, I wanted to live in this serene city blooming in the middle of mountainous terrain. Working in a bookshop and drinking tea in cosy cafés and getting drenched in the rain. Each panel has been so delicately coloured and balanced with the theme of youth, life, and hope. Adorable shades of blue, green, and pink seep into the architecture of this imaginary city. Bella is a pessimist, but her surroundings are reeking with energy. Isla begins rebuilding a life in and around an empty gloomy room, but soon she fills it with books, plants, design work she loves, and her own contentment, and it's so well illustrated! And Luciana radiates like the sun under which she practices basketball in her panels.

Oh, my aching heart is so happy to read an empowering romance comic. Stories about self-discovery and growing up are really hard to write, but the author did a wonderful job.

👉 I found a super-captivating comic whose name is One Day! You can read it here! http://m.webcomicsapp.com/view/5c34bc9cd5626e46715f1430/1

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