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Our journey gets a little emotional, in "DIE #8"

DIE #8 cover. God, these covers are stunning.

Kieron Gillen (Writer), Stephanie Hans (Artist), and Clayton Cowles (Letters).

"Split the Party" continues.

Once again, while this issues continues the story of the Paragons and their continuing quest to fix the problems they're constantly causing and get out of DIE alive, this issue also focuses on a single member of the party, showing a bit more of them and the class they represent.

This month, we delve deep into the world of Matt, AKA, The Grief Knight.

If DIE were the Avengers, then Grief Knight is their Hulk. A MONSTROUSLY powerful fighter, but only capable of reaching his true potential when he allows his grief and sadness to overcome him. Luckily for us (and unluckily, for his enemies) Matt, our resident Grief Knight, is a loving husband and father, who is kept away from his seemingly perfect family, due to his present circumstances. So, needless to say, he has grief to spare...

In this issue, Ash, Matt and Angela find themselves embroiled in the politics of Angria, the largest and by far most powerful city state in the world of DIE. Lacking information, and allies, Matt decides his only course of action is to consult with, and attempt to recruit the other Knightly Orders to their cause. I mean, what could go wrong?

Pictured: Why you don't mess with Matt. Also, why you DO hire Stephanie Hans.

As always, we got some solid lore, too. This issue introduced us to the Knightly Orders, we were already familiar with the Grief Knight, having seen what Matt is capable of. But now, we meet Rage Knights, and the frankly terrifying Joy Knights, who draw their power from elation, even in the midst of bloody slaughter... Creepy.

Then, to wrap the issue up, and just to remind us that there are bigger things going on here, a greater arc starts to unfold. Angela returns from her secret mission with some interesting information, and an unwelcome guest...

Overall, another solid issue. DIE's strength continues to be its characters and having each issue flesh them out has proven to be a wise direction to take. The first arc "Fantasy Heartbreaker" introduced us to the world of DIE, and drew us in. However, "Split The Party" and its focus on who these people are and why we should care about them, is what will get readers to stick around, long-term (Except for Chuck. F--- Chuck).

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