POP: Artist Of The Week: Liam Sharp

This week, I wanted to take a deeper dive into some of the work of comic book artist, publisher, and writer Liam Sharp. Sharp is no noob to the comic book industry, he has been around for a while now and his work seems to just keep getting better and better through the years. Sharp has definitely found his niche when it comes to his excessive detailing and textured art style. Sharp has made his art throughout his books level out magnificently, with the amount of detail that he can add on one of his pages, while having other pages that have a large amount of negative space or much simpler compositions.

He got his debut in the 1980s for his illustrations of Judge Dredd in the famous science-fiction magazine 2000 A.D., then moving to Marvel UK and illustrating their bestselling title, Death’s Head II. He later started working mainly in the United States on books such as X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing (for Marvel Comics), and Superman, Batman, and The Possessed (for DC Comics and Wildstorm), Spawn: The Dark Ages (for Todd McFarlane and Image) and Red Sonja for Dynamite comics.

In 2004, Sharp along with his wife, set up their own publishing company called Mam Tor Publishing. They went on to publish their critically acclaimed and award-winning anthology Event Horizon. Sharp has also been involved with design on some movies such as Lost in Space, Small Soldiers, and the animated series Batman Beyond. In 2008, Sharp signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. Sharp also published his first critically acclaimed novel GOD KILLERS: MACHIVARIUS POINT & OTHER TALE the same year.

Liam recently finished his bestselling and award-winning run on Wonder Woman: Rebirth, The Lies and The Truth, as well as a six-issue limited series of The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman, which he wrote and illustrated. Now he is the artist on The Green Lantern with writer Grant Morrison, issue one of this series came out on Nov. 7, 2018. With the great storytelling of Grant Morrison and the artwork from Liam Sharp this series has not disappointed.

You can take a deeper look into the artwork of Liam Sharp in Pages that POP! The Green Lantern #8

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