So for our weekly installment of POP: Comics Of The Week, we like to review the biggest trending books of the week. This could range from trends based on reader hype, to price balloons, to other anomalies in the collector world that have caught the attention of collectors on the net.

Without further ado, let's dive right in!

The Walking Dead #192-The Death, Rebirth and Re-death of Rick Grimes

"The Walking Dead #192" Cover A Adlard

On Monday June 6, a wide leak of interior panels for TWD #192 occurred, and it features Carl Grimes going to check in on his father, and without breaking a sweat, shooting his zombified father in the head.

This is HUGE in The Walking Dead history, as the story centered primarily upon Sheriff Rick. Whether the series is ending, or a new status quo is occurring is yet to be seen, but this issue is definitely momentous for either end.

After a thorough review upon release, the story starts off as though we're about to see all hell break loose, something that works rather well in The Walking Dead's favor, but rather quickly falls into the mundanity that Kirkman has been bringing to the book, following the zombie-like pacing of Season 2 of the show.

Aside from that, its insane sell-out at local comic shops has caused Image to rush to print a second print variant cover, commemorating the life of Rick Grimes.

"The Walking Dead #192" 2nd Printing Commemorative Cover

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force- Cease & DCist Variant Edition

If you've been following the drama between Devil's Due and DC, you'll have seen that a particular variant of this book has skyrocketed in value anywhere from $500-1000 this week alone.

For those that haven't seen it from the beginning, DC sent Devil's Due a Cease and Desist letter regarding one of their variants depicting Wonder Woman.

You can probably put two and two together, and get a solid chuckle from the aptly named variant that has hit the online site of Devil's Due in a limited quantity of 500, that has summarily sold out over the course of two hours.

Pearl #1 - Possible Hints?

"Pearl #1" Cover A by Gaydos

Late last week/early this past weekend we saw massive hype for Brian Michael Bendis's DC/Jinxworld book Pearl.

Why? a simple tweet on Bendis's part suggested some sort of media option.

Mind you there was no official confirmation, just a suggestion that something may be in the works.

"Pearl #1" Cover B by Maleev

A previously under-ordered book prior to this, Pearl #1 has had a slew of sales around the $20 range, which could lead it to increase even further should some official new come about.

"Pearl #1" Cover C Blank Cover

And that's about it for this edition of POP: Comics Of The Week!

Be sure to check out next week's list of trending books!

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