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POP Cover Of The Week: Captain America's striking typographic portrait illustrates his history

Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1, Marvel Comics, Cover art by John Mavroudis.

Some call them "word posters". . . but graphic designer, illustrator (and Marvel Comics fan) John Mavroudis has created quite a niche in the magazine world with his more descriptively named typographic portraits. They are completely hand-drawn, eye-catching, phenomenally detailed representations of people that tell their story with the very words they are composed of. They are a combination of the groovy typographic posters from the late 1960s, and artistic versions of modern, computer-generated word clouds.

Sometimes, a Mavroudis portrait makes a statement or opinion with the words he chooses to use as building blocks, sometimes they are just pure description.

The latter is the case of of the cover of Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1, releasing this Wednesday, June 15, 2022. There is no opinion being stated, just a collection of creators, storylines, heroes, villains, and trivia from the Captain's publication history.

It may look chaotic to some, but like all of Mavroudis's typographic portraits, it is well-thought-out in its organization. The Captain's head appropriately contains all that is good about him: his creators, his friends and allies, and important events from his life. Especially well-chosen are the names that comprise his helmet's wings: the names of his two creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. His eyes are windows looking back in time to his first appearance in Timely Comics' (Marvel's early publishing incarnation) Captain America #1, which famously portrayed the Captain "punching Hitler in the mouth". Outside of, surrounding, and metaphorically pressing on the Captain's head from both sides in red and white stripes, is the evil that he has fought and continues to fight: his vast list of foes.

It's not often that an illustrator known for award-winning national magazine covers visits the comic book world, but when they do, you better believe that their work will be worthy of the POP Cover Of The Week!

To see more of John Mavroudis's work, visit

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