POP! Cover Of The Week: the psychological tug-of-war of "Daredevil #7"

Daredevil #7

Cover art by Chip Zdarsky

Marvel Comics

"Daredevil #7" cover art by Chip Zdarsky

The featured cover from this week’s new releases is Daredevil #7, by Chip Zdarsky, who is also the writer of the current story arc.

Out of all the finalists this week, this cover was the most striking in its color, mood, and design.

In a beautiful of contrast of color, the entire cover is in muted sepia tones, depicting portraits of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin), and Matt Murdock that overlap to reveal the vibrant, completely blood-red portrait of Daredevil….for an extremely powerful visual POP in the center of the cover.

The background texture of the illustration gives the entire image a dreamlike quality, enhancing the mood, and further representing Matt’s internal tug-of-war as he tries to decide whether or not to leave the crimefighting half of himself behind. I am sure the visual metaphor here is that as long as villains like Kingpin exist, he will feel the pull to continue as Daredevil.

The minimalist cover trade dress and lack of cover clutter gives this design additional presence and impact, making this cover an instant classic.


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