POP Cover Picks for Week of Nov. 21, 2022

Usually, POP picks a single cover to feature among a week's new releases, but there are just too many worthy covers this week to pick just one! Here are the covers that caught our eye:

Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise from Marvel Comics, cover by Tradd Moore

Writer/artist Tradd (Silver Surfer Black) Moore's psychedelic, flat color wraparound cover is eye-catching and very retro, made complete with retro Doctor Strange logo and cover trade dress.

Wild! Or So I Was Born To Be Vol. 1 from Oni Press, cover by Cristian Castelo

Cristian Castelo's limited color palette, unusual composition, and groovy handlettering make this cover stand out.

Vanish #3 from Image Comics, cover by Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner is known for her whimsical, character-driven covers, but here she proves she can do "moody sentinel" just as well as anyone. The way the jagged skyline merges seamlessly into the figure's ragged cape is aces!

The Human Target, Book Nine from DC Comics, cover by Greg Smallwood

Smallwood continues to prove he knows how to make iconic covers with this very retro design gimmick of a person caught by a looming shadow.

Eight Billion Genies #6 from Image Comics, cover by Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg's collage-y cover is a retro-cool callback to the comic book ads that promised to "Make a man out of Mac"

Catwoman: Lonely City from DC Comics, cover by Cliff Chiang

Chiang's brilliant design features a spotlighted Catwoman, whose enormous shadow onto the building contains every artistic incarnation in her publishing history.

Action Comics 1049 from DC Comics, cover by Roger Cruz

For pure fun and whimsy, you can't beat Roger Cruz's "90s Month" cover of that era's Superman, with his Super-large chest emblem and long wavy hair. Adding an excellently-drawn Krypto is a comic relief bonus.

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