Pop culture overload in Post Americana #5: ADVANCE REVIEW

Story and art: Steve Skroce, Colours: Dave Stewart, Letters and design: Fonografiks.

We last saw our rebels saved from a ceremonious execution by, literally, two comic characters. Night Terror and Donny dispatched the soldiers with ease and they all made their journey to see Michael’s contact: a slightly eccentric young lady who is surrounded by not just comic characters but all kinds of pop culture figures, all security droids skinned to look like different characters. The nostalgia hits hard for the group as they are reminded constantly by little things out in the wasteland of the before time, but never been able to see anything like this. However, is everything as it seems, or is it like everything else in the wasteland, and is there an ulterior motive?

We are coming very close to the finale. This is supposed to be a six issue miniseries, but after this issue I’m starting to think otherwise. I’m always concerned about the writing on a miniseries. You should be able to tell your story in a concise and fun way. What then jumps out to me are “filler” issues. This is the kind of issue within a series where it does little or nothing to drive the main story. It’s there to buy time for the writers or the publishing company. The Big Two publishers do this if there are struggles to get an issue to print in time. However when an independent or a small company do this, I tend to question the writing. Now in this case I wouldn’t consider this a true filler issue but it does come close. Now we reach issue 5 of 7 and the last 2 have been drastically slower in regards to the plot. Under normal circumstances (i.e., for a continuing series) I wouldn’t have such a problem, as you can use slower issues to flesh out characters more. However with this, it just feels like we could have had the story in a shorter arc, which would make it more precise and less meandering.

Now despite the last 2 issues being slower. I’ve still enjoyed them overall. They add to the wackiness of the world, and it’s still fascinating to see a singular person do the story and art. I especially liked the idea that within this post-apocalyptic world there are security droids that look like comic characters. This revelation made amends for the slowing down of the plot.

In terms of art, the book is still beautiful. I thought that one panel in particular was spectacular. As it was very reminiscent of a '50s style art with a hint of Italian Renaissance. I didn’t want to pick it as an example though, as I didn’t want to spoil any revelations coming from this issue.

Overall I’m still enjoying the series, although I am skeptical about the last 2 issues. Is there now enough time to detail what will happen in regards to the questions left at the conclusion of this book? Then what will be the plan for the bubble, and the President? Will there be any kind of wake up call for the citizens in the bubble. In issue 2, (I even made a comment in my review of issue 2) there is one panel that insinuates that the citizens are ignorant about the wars outside the bubble as long as it doesn’t affect them. I was hoping that this small panel will be called back on in later issues. There has again been one small reference since (in issue 4 when the execution was going to be live streamed) other than that, nothing, I’m now concerned that one of the best plot points and connections to the series for readers could be nothing but a throwaway line. This would be disappointing and then turn this great series into just another post-apocalyptic action book. I truly hope I’m wrong, but either way, I’m curious to see how this series concludes.

Post Americana issue 5 will be released on 21st April from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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