POP'n Picks of the Week: 9/11/19

In our weekly installment of the POP'n Picks Of The Week, we like to review some of the biggest trending books that are showing increased interest and value. This could range from trends based on reader hype, to price balloons, to other anomalies in the collector world that have caught the attention of collectors on the net.

New Comic Book Day fell on a somber day this year, but we would do well to remember the past and keep our world bright and full of color. For the top position, I won't be highlighting a book from this week's NCBD, but rather one that is remembered in comic book and non-comic book forums every year. the other two will follow the normal flow.

The Amazing Spider-Man #36 Vol. 2

Amazing Spider-Man #36 Vol. 2

For those who are old enough to remember it, 9/11 was a confusing and heartbreaking moment in history. This book showcases heroes and villains alike coming together to what they could to alleviate the chaos that was that day. It also showcases the impossibility of changing the past, but the hope one can inspire by doing their best to make tomorrow a brighter day. To loosely quote a line in Spawn #138, "You can't save everyone, but you save the ones you can". Be sure to thank your first responders, for they save everyone they can.

Venom #18

Venom #18

It's hard to overlook the entire Absolute Carnage storyline. While theories about a new symbiote-host combo flooded the internet, it appears they have left out some important pages and left folks with a red herring. Without spoiling too much, be sure to snatch a copy, the book is Absolute-ly epic!

Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance #1

Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance #1

There's not often a time where tie-ins capture the spotlight in top picks for any given new comic week. This is a definite pickup though- with so much of the absolute carnage storyline we see a steady clean up of characters throughout the tie-ins. This one is no exception, with so many Ghost Riders out and about, it's time for Carnage to clean house! With a Sweet Cover A by Phillip Tan, it's hard to turn this one down!

That's all for this week's hot comic run-down! Keep it POPpin!

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